Jason Kidd’s Bad Rap, Now 20 Years Old

In 1994, as Jason Kidd was beginning his first N.B.A. season, he made a brief foray into rap music with “What the Kidd Didd,” a song that has, thankfully, been largely forgotten.


Sacramento Kings Fans Can Now Buy Tickets And Merchandise With Bitcoin Via BitPay

kingswolves_670Another step for Bitcoin entering mainstream commerce and consciousness. The Sacramento Kings basketball team has started to let fans pay for tickets and merchandise using the cryptocurrency — becoming the first professional sports team to hop on the Bitcoin bandwagon. People who visit the Kings’ physical retail store in Sacramento can already go in and pay for goods in Bitcoin in person; online sales are due to start March 1.

Knicks Owner Is Singing the Blues, and So Is His Team

If James L. Dolan has proved hapless at turning the Knicks into a consistently competitive team, he has shown some success in promoting his blues and rock band, J D & the Straight Shot.


New NBA stats deal will put motion tracking cameras in every arena

The NBA faces a big challenge now that it offers all its player statistics to the public — how does it generate stats that hold the interest of basketball fans? The league’s solution is a multi-year agreement to use Stats LLC’s SportVU motion tr…

Pearl Jam Sends a Get-Well Wish to Mookie Blaylock

Active NBA Center Jason Collins Comes Out Of The Closet

12 year NBA Center Jason Collins has come out of the closet on the cover of Sports Illustrated, making him the first openly gay active professional player from one of the “big four” American sports.

Krzyzewski ending tenure as US coach