DOJ sues DirecTV for conspiring against LA Dodgers

The Department of Justice announced on Wednesday that it is bringing suit against DirecTV for its role in an alleged collusion scheme involving the broadcast rights to Los Angeles Dodgers games. Specifically, the DOJ asserts that DirecTV and three of…

It looks like Sony’s 10-year-plan for the PS3 is over

Yesterday, Sony announced that MLB The Show 17 will launch on PS4 next March — but it won't be coming to the PS3. As the previous year's edition of the sports game was the last first-party title to come to the aging console, this probably means Sony…

District: Athletes had ‘fight club’ at Dallas-area school

PLANO, Texas (AP) Baseball players at a Dallas-area high school had a ”fight club” in the batting cages, according to a school district investigation that also found that the team’s coaches subjected players to demeaning comments.

Sports Business: How ‘New York, New York’ Became ‘A No. 1’ at Yankees Games

The genesis in 1980 of playing Sinatra’s triumphant song after Yankees home games was as much about the city as about George Steinbrenner or Sinatra himself.