Crunch Report | Disney’s Epic Star Wars Hotel

Disney plans to open an epic Star Wars hotel, new emoji are being released to the world, Amazon could be the latest to get into the meal delivery kit business and the latest Atari game console. All this on Crunch Report! Read More

Here’s what Atari’s upcoming Ataribox console will look like

 Retro consoles are the new next-gen consoles, and nothing’s more retro console than Atari. That’s why the teases from the gaming company about its upcoming ‘Ataribox’ have been so intriguing to gaming fans – it could be amazing. Now, we know what it looks like, and thanks to an email update (via The Verge), also broadly what it will be able to do.
The design is… Read More

Atari 2600 fans get the revival console they deserve

If you want to play retro Atari 2600 games, you're not short of options. There's eBay for the original console of course. You can play some on mobile, or buy one of those "Flashback" all-in-ones, or splurge on the ultimate man/woman-cave table. But f…

Humans can help AI learn games more quickly

Google taught DeepMind to play Atari games all on its own, but letting humans help may be faster, according to researchers from Microsoft and Germany. They invited folks of varying skills to play five Atari 2600 titles: Ms. Pac-Man, Space Invaders, V…

Old-school tank shooter ‘Battlezone’ comes to Oculus and Vive

If you grew up in the age of arcades, you probably played Atari's seminal first-person tank game, Battlezone. In the arcade version, you'd play the game with your face stuck into a set of faux goggles that helped you feel like you were in the sweaty…

Real-life ‘Pong’ table is available as a crowdfunding project

Remember that real-world Pong table that was supposed to become a product you could buy if everything went smoothly? Well, it's here… almost. The creators have launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to launch a production-grade, coffee table-…

A look back on the golden age of Atari gaming

 This excerpt is from Jamie Lendino’s Breakout: How Atari 8-Bit Computers Defined a Generation, an amazing book that details with an obsessive’s eye the rise and fall of Atari 8 bit computers. While only someone who ran a BBS on an Atari 800XL can truly love the later parts of this book everyone – from casual gamer to hardcore programmer – can appreciate the care… Read More

Stealthy gaming company Wonder is ready to tease its new mystery hardware

 Wonder, the incredibly stealthy new gaming company, has quietly created a signup page for information and perks related to its plans for global domination of the gaming market from its Los Angeles headquarters. The company is calling its new campaign the “Alpha Program”, and folks that are interested can get updates on Wonder’s product, provide feedback, and get perks and… Read More