Music D/L – Free Mp3 Downloader & Download & Player From SoundCloud & SoundHound – Bruce Lin

Discover your favorite music from SoundCloud.

Download the downloadable music for offline play to your iOS devices.

App features:
• Search music from SoundCloud.
• Add or download the legal music to your device.
• Create & manage playlists.
• Play online & offline songs.
• 3 kinds of play mode:normal, loop one song, loop playlist.
• Shuffle playlist.
• Display album artwork.
• Support iTunes file sharing.

Download Free Music – Downloader and Streamer for SC – Eliza Li

Download Free Music is an amazing music player which enables you to enjoy your favorite Music Anywhere Anytime!! Discover New Music or play your choice anytime directly on your device.

Using the app you can easily search and enjoy your favorite music in the collection of millions of tracks available and choose to download the tracks which are available for download.

The application comes loaded with following features

Built in Music Search

Simply search for the music you are looking for and play from the results instantly.

Preview the song in the online streaming player.

Music Player

1) Song Preview
2) Feature rich music player.
3) Touch functions for controls like skipping tracks and quick rewind/forward.
4) Repeat/shuffle/Playlist Repeat functions.
5) Background Music Playback
6) Album Art, Lyrics Viewer, Artist/Song/Album Info Editor.
7) Drive friendly touch control mode.
8) Sound Equalizer for better audio control.

Loading iPod Music

1) Ability to load iPod music within the application.
2) Play iPod and SoundCloud Music in same playlists alongside.
3) Manage iPod songs and remove whenever required.

Song Management

1) Create custom folders for managing music
2) Move music to folders of your choice.
3) Ability to create and manage unlimited playlists.
4) Adding music to playlists.
5) Manage the music among playlists
6) iPod like playlists sorting music according to most played, most recently added and so on.

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