Battlestations: Pacific [(Intel) Article]

Return to the Pacific theater of World War II in Battlestations: Pacific, which features a pair of 14-mission action/strategy campaigns: lead the Allies beyond 1942’s Battle of Midway and through the climactic Battle of Okinawa in 1945, or ask “What if?” and control the Japanese navy as it scores several key victories and returns to Hawaii for a final confrontation. Five multiplayer modes let you take your strategic thinking online for fast-paced combat with up to seven other gamers.

Supreme Commander 2 [(Intel) Trailer]

Supreme Commander 2 boasts numerous game enhancements, in-depth Campaign Mode, multiplayer online and a unique storyline that represents a new dimension in real-time strategy gaming.

Supreme Commander 2 [(Intel) Article]

“Supreme Commander 2 allows you to create huge armies of units, whether they’re land, sea, or air, and take them into large, outrageous, and over-the-top battles,” explains lead designer Chris Taylor. “When you add a feature like Strategic Zoom, which supports small units and very large units on screen at the same time, you have an RTS experience like no other.” Twenty-five years of peace among the United Earth Federation, Cybran Nation, and Aeon Illuminate have ended with a single shot, and now you’re about to oversee the next stage in this intergalactic war.

Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening [(Intel) Article]

The death of the archdemon should have also meant the defeat of the Darkspawn he commanded, and yet they’ve returned. Someone or something is behind their latest invasion, and it’s up to you to learn the truth in Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening. Import your character from the first game or create a new one and embark on an adventure that will once again change the face of the kingdom of Ferelden. What could The Architect and Mother want?

The Sims 3: Fast Lane Stuff [(Intel) Article]

What’s your Sims’ style? Racing? Intrigue? Rockabilly? Classic Luxury? The Fast Lane Stuff pack lets you easily match that style with new cars, furniture, decorations, accessories, clothes, and more. Cruise around town in everything from a souped-up racer to the latest high-performance sports car — new Sims can take their love of a nice ride even further with the new Vehicle Enthusiast trait. Try on the latest fashions before a night on the town. And give the living room a much-needed makeover with the perfect furnishings.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent [(universal) Article]

Turn off the lights. Put on your favorite pair of headphones. Launch Amnesia: The Dark Descent. And whatever happens, don’t look over your shoulder. You don’t know how you wound up in this decrepit castle, but that doesn’t matter now, because something is hunting you. You can’t kill it: run when you can, and hide if you have no other choice. Solve the castle’s puzzles and make your way to the inner sanctum, where you’ll discover the truth about your past.

A Tale in the Desert V [(universal) Article]

A Tale in the Desert’s fifth Telling opens with a new Pharaoh and a fresh opportunity to build seven monuments, one for each of the game’s disciplines. New technologies and skills await, including increasingly difficult mining puzzles and a brand new fishing system. “In Tale IV, players created new technologies for Tale V players to unlock,” says creator Andrew Tepperson. “They came up with stuff that I hadn’t considered in seven years of Tales.”

City of Heroes: Going Rogue [(Intel) Article]

The City of Heroes: Going Rogue expansion pack takes the MMORPG’s good-versus-evil war into new territory, allowing your characters to migrate from superhero to villain, or vice-versa. New characters find themselves in a place known as Praetoria, a previously-unseen parallel version of the game world. There, a man named Marcus Cole became Emperor of the world, rather than the superhero Statesman — fresh characters can align themselves with the Resistance or with Cole’s Praetorian Guard, moving from a neutral stance to superhero or villain in the process. Existing characters can also visit Praetoria and learn more about its secrets.