The year’s biggest loser was the American public

Even if we judge 2016 purely on the musical legends it stole from us, it would be an awful one. The truth is, this year has been rough by any standard. Our social networks, ostensibly designed to connect us, led us to turn on one another. Incidents o…

US National Archives gets into the historical GIF game

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) serves as America's historian, cataloging and preserving the nation's most precious documents, audio and video recordings. On Thursday, NARA announced that it had launched a Giphy channel with m…

A Call To Arms Against McCarthy 2.0

joseph-mccarthy This week, I learned that HR-158 has Obama’s support, has cleared the House of Representatives with a whopping 407-19 majority, and is on track to be passed by the Senate within days. While the bill attempts to help make Americans safe from terrorism, it’s not only unlikely to do so, but risks implementing a discriminatory regime that could be used against American citizens. Read More

The Trans-Pacific Partnership could spell the end of filesharing sites

According to documents leaked by Wikileaks — specifically, the TPP's finalized chapter on Intellectual Property — the days of filesharing sites could quickly be coming to a close. Per the agreement, which would be enforced across all 12 member st…

The Buckham Boot Brings Crowdfunding To Your Feet

IMG_4862 It’s never been easier for craftsmen to become manufacturers thanks to crowdfunding. Fans and buyers turn into investors and backers. Heck, manufacturing never left America: it just changed from bespoke to industrial in a bid to be more profitable. And now thanks to Kickstarter a small-scale boot maker in Flint, MI has the chance. Meet the Buckham Boot. It’s a $500 handmade… Read More

Shinola, Grado Labs, And Adafruit To Talk Making And Manufacturing At Disrupt NY

fried-grado-panis Manufacturing never left America. Even during the recession, good people were still building good things. Recently, though, thanks to the maker movement, small-scale manufacturing is seeing a renaissance throughout the world, something the president of Shinola, Vice President of Grado Labs, and founder of Adafruit will discuss at Disrupt NY. Each of these people have a unique vantage point on… Read More

Genomics Needs A Killer App

15651749447_568e71e9db_o Genomics has undergone a major shift in the last year. The drop in price in the past decade from $3B to $1K to sequence a genome is the 10X force likely to cause an inflection point in a number of health-related industries. But despite the price, right now genomics is a niche product in large part used in and promoted by academia. Read More

Mystery of 400 dead dolphins on Peru coast

LIMA, Peru - More than 400 dead dolphins were found last month on the Pacific Ocean beaches of northern Peru, officials said Monday.  LIMA, Peru – More than 400 dead dolphins were found last month on the Pacific Ocean beaches of northern Peru, officials said Monday.