Alexa helps you reserve a ride with car2go’s carsharing service

You can now order a car2go by commanding Alexa to find the nearest one and reserve it. The pay-by-time carsharing service is the latest automotive-related company to get a skill that integrates it with Amazon's voice assistant, following BMW and Niss…

Harman’s Cortana-powered speaker may go on sale soon for $200

Harman Kardon's Cortana-powered speaker might be hitting stores sometime soon. The Verge reports that a listing for the Invoke with Cortana has shown up in Microsoft's store alongside a $200 price tag.

Smart speakers are working their way into every home

Apple, Google and Amazon have all announced smart speakers that are more like gadgets than audio gear. Of course, whenever a tech company attempts to build audio gear, the specter of the iPod HiFi looms large. Apple's ill-fated attempt to build the p…

Thanks to Alexa, you can start a Nissan SUV with your voice

The latest skill for Amazon's Alexa doesn't connect it to some gadget or appliance — it's to lightly operate Nissan cars. Following last week's news that BMW's next models would work with the voice-controlled assistant, Nissan has announced that som…

Sonos announces Alexa-controlled wireless speakers

 Alexa is officially the first voice assistant to be available on Sonos, a move that turns the wireless speaker product into a voice-controlled sound system. Originally a year ago, Sonos has been working “day and night” with Amazon to implement the features. Alexa on Sonos will… Read More

Amazon brings Echo and Alexa to India and soon Japan, its first markets in Asia

 As the Echo and Alexa from Amazon continue to set the pace for what to expect from voice-based interfaces and home hubs, Amazon is expanding them to Asia for the first time today. Today, the e-commerce giant announced that Echo and Alexa are now on sale in India, and later this year, they will also launch in Japan. “Millions of customers love Alexa, and we’re thrilled to introduce… Read More

Amazon brings Alexa calling to the UK, Germany and Austria

The whole point of Amazon's Alexa is to talk, rather than type, to a virtual assistant. When you've grown tired of ordering Domino's pizzas and asking what the weather is like, however, the company hopes you'll want to talk to another human being. Fo…

Amazon Rolls Out Alexa Device Messaging and Calling to U.K. and Germany

Amazon is updating its Alexa app today to add support for messaging and calling on Alexa-powered smart devices in the U.K., Germany, and Austria (via The Verge).

The second-generation Echo in Charcoal Fabric

The Alexa voice calling feature will work on standard Echo and Echo Dot smart speakers, allowing users to call the devices free of charge. iPhone and Android owners can also use the Alexa app to call the Alexa-powered devices directly.

Amazon’s second-generation Echo devices hit Europe on October 31 and support the feature as standard, while video calling is limited to the display-based Echo Show device, which is set to become available in the U.K. and Germany next month.

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