GE puts Amazon Alexa inside a funky table lamp

unspecified Seems Alexa’s made her way into everything these days. Between Amazon’s own Echo offerings and an ever growing array of third-party participation, the steady home automation takeover of the company’s AI assistant appears to be going about as well as could be expected. Between Alexa connected washing machines and a detergent ordering Dash-enabled dishwasher, GE’s… Read More

Use Alexa to ask Martian’s watches all your burning questions

Have one of Martian's voice-powered smartwatches? Cool, because now mVoice models and certain Guess timepieces will work with Amazon's Alexa technology. "We're excited to work with Martian Watches to bring Alexa to mVoice timepieces so customers can…

Martian adds Alexa to its hybrid smartwatch

mvoice If you’ve already gone through all of the trouble to stick a microphone and speaker on your hybrid smartwatch, you might as well make the most of the thing. Martian’s taking advantage of the opportunity with the addition of Amazon Alexa functionality to its mVoice wearable.
Honestly, as silly as it sounds, this may be one of the most logical third-party implementations of Alexa yet. Read More

Intel and Amazon team up to help developers build Alexa devices

At this week's Amazon Web Services conference re:Invent, the online retailer revealed two smart home initiatives that are getting a big hand from Intel. First, Intel built a reference design for a smart speaker that employs the Alexa virtual assistan…

Amazon has a shiny new startup accelerator to advance conversational AI

amazon-echo-money Big tech companies have been creating accelerators left and right to evangelize their brands and get developers engaged with APIs and other open source efforts. Today, Amazon joined the crowd by announcing a new program for startups developing conversational AI. This is Amazon’s first foray into the world of accelerator programs, though its $100 million Alexa Fund has already invested… Read More

Amazon’s next Echo might have a 7-inch touchscreen

Amazon is still riding high on the success of its Echo speakers, and there's only one place to go now that it has a low-cost option like the Echo Dot: to the high end. Accordingly, Bloomberg sources hear that Amazon is working on a "premium" Echo-sty…

Ears, hands or eyes

Tin can phone on white background Even before smartwatches, I did not wear a watch. I did not buy an Apple Watch or Pebble, despite the cool factor, even though I always upgrade to the latest iPhone as soon as it comes out. I would also suggest that in order for an innovative new device to take off and become a platform, it actually needs to pioneer a new user interface that utilizes a different one of our limbs or senses. Read More

Control Neato’s robot vacuum with Amazon Alexa voice commands

Getting your robotic vacuum to clean the house is usually a matter of setting a timer or pressing a start button — but what if you could just ask it to get to work? If you happen to own an Amazon Echo and a Neato Botvac Connected robot vacuum, now y…