Most financial packages focus on historic information. By the time users see what has been spent, it’s too late to fix the problem. MoneyWell shows what’s happening right now with innovative Spending Buckets and a Money Flow Graph all presenting real-time feedback. The user knows immediately when spending is getting out of hand by just glancing at the single-window interface.

Librarian Pro

Librarian Pro is a complete home inventory system. Add books, music, movies, hardware, software and even games! Interface directly with Amazon to obtain item details. Organize items into smart collections, and mark items as borrowed by users. Export to a web gallery, your iPod or a CSV file, and also import from other industry programs.

Verey I

Anti-theft software for Mac laptops and computers. Verey I, a simple and ingenious software that helps keep track of your precious machine, globally. When stolen, Verey I will start recording via a connected video capture device (e.g. iSight) and send emails to the owner’s email addresses. The email will contain the necessary network information: IP address, machine serial number, MAC Hardware Address and nearby wireless network. Now with Twitter support, you will also be able to receive the alerts via IM, SMS, email and the web! Cool app supported by cool web app.


ShoveBox catches all those little scraps of information that you can’t act on now but would rather not forget. It sits up in your menubar, waiting for you to drag in text, images, urls, and more. It also provides a sensible interface to sort everything you shoved during the day. It’s all about spending less time processing and more time actually doing things.

Fairy Treasure

Behold the legend of the Fairy Treasure – about an evil, greedy troll that stole the great treasure from the Kingdom of Trollandia and has carefully guarded it in his cave ever since. In your quest to recapture the treasure you travel along the Fairy River on your magic raft, and in more than 120 levels you will struggle against hags, goblins and other evil wills that guard the river paths. Gather magic scroll parts to find hidden treasures, solve puzzles to unlock secret areas and collect ancient keys to unleash the mighty chain ball! In this gorgeous brick-busting game you will discover lots of new fun bricks and amazing power ups never seen before!

KeySkin Pro for MacBook with Photoshop Shortcuts

Keeping your Apple keyboard free from dirt, spills and other hazards has never been an easy task. With the KeySkin PRO, your keyboard will not only be protected while you type, but will also offer keystroke visual cues for your favorite software. The KeySkin PRO has a snug fit over each key to provide functional protection that also softens the noise made by keystrokes. Your new Apple Keyboard or Apple Wireless Keyboard will be preserved and look as new as the day you got it. What separates the KeySkin PRO from other keyboard protectors, however, are the pre-printed Photoshop shortcut icons on the key covers, which turn your normal keyboard into a fully functional Photoshop editing keyboard. These icons will not peel off or fade away.

NovaMind 4 Pro

NovaMind Pro is an excellent product for advanced Mind Mappers, senior school and university students, coaches, and for general business use. NovaMind is a great way to organize your thoughts, remember information, generate ideas, solve problems, increase productivity, and focus on the main issues in a fun and creative way using Mind Mapping techniques. Ideal for use in business, education by students and teachers plus anyone who wants the advantages such a tool can give to your way of thinking, creativity and organizing.

VMware Fusion

From the proven leader in desktop virtualization comes VMware Fusion–the most seamless way to run Windows applications on your Mac. VMware Fusion combines a native Cocoa user interface with the virtualization platform trusted by millions of users today. Seamlessly launch your Windows applications from the Dock and switch between Windows and Mac applications using Exposé. With the industry’s most advanced virtualization technology VMware Fusion lets you leverage all the hardware available on your Intel-base Mac to simultaneously run 32- and 64-bit operating systems, use two processors cores at the same time, run select 3D games and utilize USB 2.0 devices.