Michael Jackson: No-one knows where pop king’s nose went (source: Scotsman)

MICHAEL Jackson’s false nose has gone missing, according to reports from Hollywood. (source: Scotsman)RSS widgets and RSS feeds on Feedzilla.com

Tilda brings Culloden classic home (source: Scotsman)

ITS visceral and graphic authenticity shocked millions of viewers and brought home to them the brutal realities of the last military battle fought on British soil. (source: Scotsman)RSS news feeds and Widgets on Feedzilla.com

Clarkson told off for Brown abuse (source: Scotsman)

JEREMY Clarkson has been carpeted by a BBC boss after using one of the English language’s most offensive swear words about Gordon Brown in front of a studio audience. (source: Scotsman)News widgets and RSS feeds on Feedzilla.com

Spies like them

From Ian Fleming to John Le Carre – authors have long been fascinated by the world of espionage. But, asks the BBC’s Gordon Corera, what do real life spooks make of fictional spies?