US hackers ‘attacked China websites’

Hackers from the US have repeatedly launched attacks on Chinese military websites, including that of the Defence Ministry, officials say.

Instagram, Twitter posts begin to flow from North Korean 3G network

Instagram, Twitter posts begin to flow from North Korean 3G network

This week, tourists (and at least one reporter) visiting North Korea began accessing the web directly from their smartphones, through the country’s Koryolink 3G network. Associated Press journalist Jean H. Lee has been tweeting from Pyongyang since Monday, though she didn’t get around to detailing the service until yesterday. Her tweet, “Hello world from comms center in #Pyongyang,” is believed to be the first to come through the new wireless data service, which can be activated for the princely sum of €75 (about $100). From there, data rates range from €150 for 2GB to €400 for 10 gigs, according to a DailyNK report. (Those tariffs should come as no surprise to DPRK visitors, who often shell out thousands for week-long tours that include meager accommodations and constant monitoring.)

The Koryolink network, which was built in cooperation with Egypt’s Orascom Telecom, marks a radical shift in policy for North Korea, which also recently began to allow tourists to enter the country with their own cellphones — previously, visitors were required to hand over the devices upon landing in Pyongyang. With the exception of approved users (certain government officials, we presume), North Korean residents remain offline, however. For those authorized, access may be pricey, but considering that connectivity can provide peace of mind to travelers and their families at home, a data-enabled SIM seems a worthwhile acquisition for anyone visiting one of 3G’s famous final frontiers.

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Source: AP, DailyNK, Jean H. Lee (Instagram)

Sony flaunts portable, social aspects of PS4 with high-res screenshots

Sony flaunts portable, social aspects of PS4 with highres screenshots

To keep the buzz going from its recent PlayStation 4 announcement event in New York, Sony’s just released some high-res screenshots from the upcoming console’s user interface. While we already saw many of them at the big event, there’s a few intriguing images showing how the tablet or smartphone interface might look, along with shots of the social and video editing aspects of the UI. Other screens show the home, sharing, game streaming, user profile and friend feed pages, so hopefully the gallery below will whet your appetite until we can all actually see, you know, the console.

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Peace concert for Kenya election

A concert in under way in the Kenyan capital with musicians calling for a peaceful election a day after a report revealed campaign attacks, hate speech and cases of ethnic intimidation.

Before Anne Hathaway Was An Oscar Winner, She Was A Teen Doing Phone Commercials


Let’s for a second forget that Anne Hathaway took home the Oscar for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ this weekend. Because her beginnings were just as humble as anyone else. By that we mean that she had to start in the biz just like anyone else. Only, Jezebel threw some light on that start in the form of a phone landline commercial. Anne was cast by Northlich, a Cincinnati marketing agency, while she was a teen for a commercial for the Cincinnati Bell Telephone which aired from the mid- to late- 90s. And it’s a positively scintillating advertisement. The picture you see above is Anne nervously facing her teen date — oh you know the guy, we’ve all dated that guy — at the end of the evening. 


Is he going to get a kiss? We know he’d like to hope so, but “Jane” — Anne’s name in the commercial — lets her nerves get the better of her and shakes his hand instead.


DOOM! “Jane” knows she blew it the second she closed the door.



She runs up to her all-pink bedroom and calls her BFF and wails about how SHE SHOOK HIS HAND.


And then she calls MORE friends because she’s that mortified and thinks he’s never ever going to call her again.


But wait? What’s this? Cute guy is trying to call her. From his all-blue bedroom, because he’s a dude, natch. GET OFF THE PHONE, JANE. And just as we’re biting our nails, we’re told it’s all gravy, because these phones are so cool … you can actually leave a voicemail. Mind officially blown.


All is well in Jane’s world. Mom and daughter are relieved that she is part of the stereotypical world of dating and now they need to find a new dress. Way to go, phone company! You can totally see the beginnings of an Oscar winning actress right there.

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Japanese court declares Samsung patent invalid in another spat with Apple

Japanese court declares Samsung patent invalid in another spat with Apple

Weary of the neverending legal back-and-forth between Apple and Samsung yet? No, we’re not either (that’s a terrible lie), and the latest exciting development comes from a courtroom in Japan, where it was decided Samsung does not hold rights to certain data transmission tech it accused Apple of pinching. So, what are the repercussions? None, really — the status quo remains unchanged, and Apple can continue selling the products Sammy wanted off the shelf. The Times of India notes that cases in the US and South Korea over the same patent have gone one a piece, meaning Apple is up 2-1 in this particular bout. But, when you’ve been battling for this long, you’ve bound to win some, and lose just as many.

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Source: Reuters