Stocks leap on Obama stimulus plan

A stock market gaining in confidence shot higher for a second straight session as investors bet that Barack Obama’s plans to increase infrastructure spending will help lift economy.

Report: QB McCoy will return to Texas (AP)

Texas quarterback Colt McCoy confirmed that he’ll return to the Longhorns for his senior season in 2009. McCoy has led No. 3 Texas (11-1) to a Fiesta Bowl matchup against Ohio State with 3,445 yards passing and 32 touchdowns, both team records. He’s also the team’s leading rusher with 576 yards and is expected to be a finalist for the Heisman Trophy this week.

AP NewsBreak: Marines faulted for ‘MRAP’ delays

The Marine Corps left troops in Iraq vulnerable to deadly roadside bombs by failing to answer an urgent request from battlefield commanders for blast-resistant vehicles, according to an internal Pentagon investigation obtained by The Associated Press. Acquisition officials shelved the February 2005 request for the “MRAPs” (pronounced EM-raps) after Marine leaders decided armored versions of the Humvee were the best answer to the improvised explosive devices that became the signature weapon of the Iraq war. However, the beefier Humvees proved incapable of withstanding the increasingly powerful IEDs.

Quick Tip of the Week: A Space per OS

You probably already know that you can run Windows on your Mac. But did you know that you can set up your Mac using Spaces to run Windows applications in one Space and Mac applications in another? Find out how by watching the latest Quick Tip of the Week.

Scientists find nutty risk reducer: Eat more nuts

Here’s a health tip in a nutshell: Eating a handful of nuts a day for a year — along with a Mediterranean diet rich in fruit, vegetables and fish — may help undo a collection of risk factors for heart disease.

iPhone 3G among “Top 10 Gadgets”

“The gadget that launched the era of mobile computing” is the only cell phone on Time’s “Top 10 Gadgets” of 2008. Wonders Josh Quittner (, “with 10,000 free and paid applications, tethered to on-board GPS and utilizing an array of sensors that include a motion-sensing accelerometer, what can’t the iPhone do?” And check out Time’s listing of the “Top 10 iPhone Apps.” Are your favorites on the short list?