VIDEO: ‘I bought a whole Spanish village’

As people in Spain move out of rural areas and into cities to seek work, entire villages are being sold off at rock bottom prices, drawing buyers from overseas.

Obama trip designed to alter Americans’ views of their Southern neighbors

Even before departing for his trip to Mexico and Costa Rica this week, President Barack Obama began hammering home a consistent message to his U.S. audiences: When you hear “Mexico,” don’t think only about immigration and trans-border drug trafficking.Think instead of a fast-growing economic partner and a neighbor that complements the older, better educated, more affluent U.S. population with a yo…


Burial wrangle for Boston suspect

The search is on for a cemetery to bury Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev as protesters picket the funeral home where his body is kept.

Ford to break its yearly hybrid sales record in the US, seven months early

Ford Fusion Energi hands-on

When Ford’s hybrid lineup has been rapidly expanding over the past year, it stands to reason that the company’s sales in the category would take off like an eco-friendly rocket. They have, and faster than you’d expect: the automaker now says it should break its yearly record for US hybrid sales sometime in May, with just under 6,000 cars standing between its current 2013 figures and an all-time high of 35,496 hybrids in 2010. The company has also more clearly established itself as number two, climbing from an estimated three percent of the US hybrid market share last April to 18 percent this year. While Toyota is still the clear frontrunner at 58 percent, Ford is ahead of its Detroit-based rivals — and when Prius sales are soft, the Japanese firm just might be nervous.

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Source: Bloomberg

VIDEO: Parliament protest amid Portuguese cuts

Portugal is planning to cut 30,000 civil service jobs and to raise the retirement age by one year to 66 as it tries to meet the terms of a bailout.

Financial strain pushes many veterans to the breaking point

By Bill Briggs, NBC News contributorHundreds of thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have been flying home to a fresh fox hole: A debt crater that’s sucking in entire military families and could be helping to fuel the veteran suicide crisis.A bad job market, a long backlog for federal disability benefits, and occasionally unwise spending habits have been conspiring to strain the financial an…