Blake Lively Says Googling Herself ‘Ended in Full Depression’

Word of advice from Blake Lively: Don't Google yourself. The actress opened up about experiencing the dark side of the Internet in a new interview with Variety for its Power of Women NY issue. "I have [Googled myself] before and it's just ended in full depression," she said. "So I think it's a good rule of thumb not to Google yourself because the Internet is not nice." But while she doesn't spend her time online pursuing articles about herself, she does want to use the power of the web to make a change. Lively, 29, is working with the Child Rescue Coalition to fight the distribution of child pornography. "There are millions of files all over the world being traded every single day of child pornography," said Lively, who was drawn to the cause as the mother of two young children. "It's so disturbing. A lot of these people are fathers." From Coinage: See Where 6 Stars Were Before They Were Famous Lively is working alongside Child Rescue Coalition to promote a groundbreaking technology that flags the IP addresses of people who share and download sexually explicit images of minors. "If you proactively find these predators, you can save so many children," she said.  

Seth Rogen joins a fraternity

Seth Rogen has gone from battling a fraternity to joining one.The actor who played a new dad doing battle with a rowdy fraternity in "Neighbors" has officially joined the Pi Kappa Alpha chapter at the University of Vermont.Rogen paid a visit to the fraternity Monday after the brothers raised $32,000 for his Hilarity for Charity,…

Chris Pratt Was ‘Caught Off Guard’ By ‘Passengers’ Criticism

SPOILER ALERT: The following article contains some spoilers for Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence’s “Passengers.”  

‘Captain Marvel’ Finds Directors in Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck

“Captain Marvel,” starring Brie Larson, has found its directors. Marvel has tapped “Mississippi Grind” helmers Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck to direct the upcoming tentpole. Since announcing that the Oscar winner would be playing the titular superhero, the studio has taken its time in finding the film’s director, initially courting several women to take the