Kevin Hart’s alleged cheating and extortion scandal, explained

He recently made a public apology to his pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish, and children. And he's addressed his history with cheating before.

The 20 best Hollywood spies of all time

With “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” set to hit theaters on Sept. 22, we got to thinking about some of the best spies of all time in both film and TV. Although there have certainly been a lot throughout Hollywood’s long and storied history, obviously not everyone could make an exclusive top-20 slideshow like the one we created. For the record, the spy genre generally includes those actually referred to as spies, as well as secret agents and some covert assassins. We have compiled the ranking with this definition in mind, and thus have not included soldiers, police officers, private detectives, or CIA agents who don’t fit the bill. With that, here are the 20 best Hollywood spies of all time.

25 most adapted authors of all time

In 1899, motion picture pioneer George Méliès produced a film based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale "Cinderella." It was the first literary adaptation in the medium's history, beginning a tradition that has provided Hollywood with some of its most memorable and successful films. While many of today's bestselling authors write with an eye toward adaptability (it's really good money for work you've already done), filmmakers still reach back to tried-and-true classics from the old masters. This leads us to the question: who are the most adapted authors of all time? Take a moment to think about it, and get ready to be surprised that John Grisham doesn't crack the top twenty-five. (Playwrights are excluded because their work translates too easily. So beat it, Shakespeare!)

Lazer Shoots

Lazer Shoots

Lazer Shoots Try to pocket all pellets with your modern catapult. Use your mouse to aim, and hold down the mouse button to adjust its power.
Do not forget to pocket in a right order to gain bonuse points.

Mobike’s dockless bike-sharing service comes to Washington, DC

Washington DC is one of the most bike-happy cities in America, with around five percent of commuters pedaling around the city each day. That's one of the reasons why Mobike, a company that has mostly been in China and Europe until now, is launching a…