Twitter tweaks its design again in an attempt to woo newcomers

 In an effort to better cater to newcomers, Twitter once again is redesigning its app across mobile, desktop and the web. The revamp isn’t a radical departure from its prior look-and-feel or user experience – unlike when it introduced its own stories-like feature called Moments, for example, or when began reordering the tweets in your timeline. Instead, the update involves a series… Read More

Twitter launches its biggest iOS redesign in years

Ever since Twitter decided it was more of a place to find out what's going on in the world rather than just another social network, it's made quite a few changes. It invested more in live video, opened up its Moments feature to all users, ramped up i…

Twitter chatbots can now include buttons that push you to tweet, follow, click & more

 Twitter today is rolling out a new feature that will allow businesses to prompt their followers to take an action beyond a simple fav or retweet. The company is introducing the ability for businesses to add buttons inside their direct message conversations designed to encourage customers to do things like tweet about the company’s Twitter bot, visit their website, follow the… Read More

UK and France to jointly pressure tech firms over extremist content

 The leader of the UK’s new minority government, Theresa May, is in France today for talks with her French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, and the pair are slated to launch a joint crack down on online extremism. Read More

Organizing your marketing tech stack

Business woman sending email marketing Figuring out how to organize your marketing stack is almost like putting together a 1,000 piece blank jigsaw puzzle — impossible. Read More

Twitter to stream its first basic cable drama: TNT’s ‘Claws’

TNT is premiering its new drama "Claws" this Sunday, but if you miss the first showing on the network itself, you can catch an encore on Twitter.

TNT's parent company, Turner, streamed TBS' "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee's Not the White House Corre…

Even Republicans think Trump tweets too much

If you spend all of your time on social media, you probably aren't devoting enough time and attention to doing the job you're paid to do. For the current leader of the free world, however, Twitter is a megaphone that he is loathe to surrender. But, a…

Lawyers claim Trump can’t block his critics on Twitter

While we withhold the right to moderate and maintain standards of discussion in our comments because they are a private space, does the President of the United States have a different standard to meet? The Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia…