Twitter and Showtime stream a boxing match at 9PM Eastern

Twitter is no stranger to livestreaming sports, but it still has opportunities to break new ground. The social network is teaming up with Showtime to stream its first-ever boxing match. Tune in to Twitter on desktop or mobile tonight (February 18th…

All opinions are equal in BuzzFeed’s new comment system

President Donald Trump's election win was shocking to many, which seems to say that Americans understand each other less than ever. Part of this disconnect may be a lack of exposure to opposing viewpoints. That's what Buzzfeed seems to think, and it'…

Twitter snags Showtime as a live streaming partner (but just for a boxing match)

tumblr_inline_olj166raes1to727k_1280 Twitter has been picking up live-streaming deals left and right these days, including most recently for rugby matches, and before that with Dick Clark Productions. Today, the company announced another high-profile grab: Showtime. But before you get too excited, the deal is just for a Saturday night boxing match from Showtime Sports. This is the first time that Showtime has brought live boxing… Read More

Twitter kills notifications from threads of people you blocked

Twitter is ramping up its anti-abuse measures lately. After making abusive accounts invisible to anyone who don't follow them, the microblogging website has announced that you'll no longer be notified of replies to conversations started by people you…

Twitter makes another anti-abuse update

twitter-ad-products Twitter will no longer notify you about replies in conversations started by people you’ve either blocked or muted, Twitter said today. You will, however, still get notified if someone you follow directly mentions you in the thread. Twitter made this decision after hearing “consistent feedback from the safety community regarding notifications from conversations started by… Read More

Dorsey: Twitter still has “a long way to go”

Jack Dorsey Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey spoke on stage with COO and CFO Anthony Noto at the Goldman Technology Conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. The leaders of the social media giant reiterated Twitter’s mission as a real-time information platform and spoke of its latest accomplishments, but also talked about the challenges of growing what is already a widely-used site. “We… Read More

NASA is crowdsourcing the search for exoplanets

To those of you who dream of going to space: Sorry, but that may never happen. However, NASA is once again counting on the public for help understanding what's beyond our world. All we have to do is look at some photos online.

Today marks the launch…

Elon Musk accidentally tweets that Trump’s ban is ‘not right’

If you've been tweeting for a while, then your drafts folder is probably full of too-hot takes that you eventually thought better of and dialed back for public consumption. Of course, you're probably not a billionaire tech CEO with a position on a pr…