Facebook Starts Auto-Enhancing Photos Because Algorithms Are Better At Filters Than You

Auto Enhance New We’re not ace photographers, but we all take photos. Most could use a little help with light and shadow. So rather than making you manually filter them, Facebook tells me it will now auto-enhance newly uploaded photos starting today on iOS and soon on Android. You’ll be able to adjust a slider to control just how enhanced you want the light, shadow, and clarity, or revert back to… Read More

Twitter Expands Its Ad Retargeting To Include Data From Mobile Apps

Twitter NYSE Twitter just announced a major mobile expansion to the Tailored Audiences ad product that it unveiled at the end of last year. Tailored Audiences are basically Twitter’s version of retargeting — allowing businesses to target ads on Twitter at at who’ve already visited their websites, and at people in their customer database. Now, they’ll be able to target ads based… Read More

Twitter’s Former Head Of Product, Daniel Graf, Has Left The Company

Bill Cosby Thanks His Celebrity Defenders on Twitter

Twitter Copies Instagram With New Adjustable Photo Filters

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 1.20.33 PM Over-filtering can obliterate the beauty of your photos or make them look cliché. So to give you more nuanced control, Twitter for iOS and Android today replaced its clumsy photo filter grid with a much simpler Instagram-style row of adjustable filters. Each filter can be double-tapped to reveal an intensity slider so you can lay that sepia effect on heavy or light to get the perfect… Read More

Twitter Releases New Suite Of Anti-Harassment Tools, Promises Faster Response Times For Dealing With Abuse

twitter-harrassment Twitter this morning has released a new set of anti-harassment tools that make it easier for users to flag abuse on the network, as well as describe more specifically why they’re blocking or reporting a Twitter account. Where before, Twitter made it fairly simple to report spam, the new tools allow users to report a variety of troubles, including impersonations, harassment, and even… Read More

Twitter Experiments With Engagement Stats Directly In Tweets

tweet-analytics Want to know just how many people actually care about what you’re tweeting? A new Twitter experiment spotted by ex-Twitter platform head Ryan Sarver will show many you how users are clicking on the links in the updates you post, with a handy link directly in the expanded Tweet view in the iOS application. As usual with Twitter’s features, this is limited to a small sample pool of… Read More

Twitter’s New App Tracking Capabilities To Help Personalize User Experience, Benefit Advertisers

twitter-stocks-ipo Starting today, Twitter users on iOS and Android devices will be alerted to a change in the type of data the social network is collecting on them, and will be offered the option to opt-out by adjusting their settings. The data in question is a list of the apps you have installed on your mobile device – a collection of data Twitter is calling the “app graph.” The company… Read More