Trump fires a member of his transition team for tweeting fake news

Image (1) axen.jpg for post 188265 So-called fake news has real consequences, and everyone in the U.S. keeps learning that the hard way. Not just executives at social networks like Facebook, Reddit and Twitter. Or disgruntled and brilliant Weather Channel meteorologists. Driven by misinformation masquerading as news, in the latest tragic incident, a gunman on Sunday opened fire in a kid-friendly Washington, D.C. pizzeria… Read More

Tweet emoji at Google, get directions to nearby tacos

Add emoji to the many languages Google can understand. Starting today, if you tweet an emoji at Google, the company's Twitter account will reply back with a link to a relevant local search result and a celebratory GIF.

Twitter now ranks your conversations based on who replies

Threaded conversations are some of the best interactions you can have on Twitter — with dozens of users chattering away 140 characters at a time. Unless you're already in a conversation, however, it can be hard to tell if a tweet is getting a lot of…

This Is How Most Of The World Uses Twitter

5455256536_7a0139a6ed_b Blah blah blah, Twitter has 316M users or whatever and they’re not growing. Can it grow? Will it grow? Yes, there are a lot of questions that Twitter has to start answering if it wants to get some sort of momentum going with consumers and rebuild trust with its investors. General awareness isn’t Twitter’s problem. Plenty of people who aren’t on Twitter, and may never be… Read More

Google Brings Tweets To Desktop Search Results

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 11.27.22 AM Back in May, Google and Twitter partnered to bring tweets into mobile search results. It was, and is, a pretty big deal for both companies. The relationship is apparently going well, as Google announced in a short update on its original blog post that it’d be including tweets within search results on desktop as well. Read More

Gnip Launches Full-Archive Search API To Provide Instant Access To Nine Years Worth Of Tweets

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 8.12.20 AM Social data company Gnip, acquired by Twitter last year, has become an indispensable tool for all types of companies. Data, especially social data, is necessary to make decisions on things like timing a product launch or putting together a new marketing campaign. Until now, companies have been able to pull instant reports using up to 30 days worth of historical tweets. Today, through Gnip,… Read More

Topographic maps illustrate where Twitter’s bird flies highest

Topographic maps illustrate where Twitter's bird flies highest

Not every Twitter user geotags their musings, but there are enough who do to generate some very insightful data. On its blog today, Twitter shared images from Data Visualization Scientist Nicolas Belmonte, who created topographic maps visualizing the density of geotagged tweets. The result is striking, as tweets clearly correlate with roads, geographic features and even lines of public transit. In addition to the blog’s stills, you can futz around with interactive maps of New York, San Francisco and… Istanbul. When you realize the implications of all those tweets from the Bay Bridge, it’s frightening enough to consider taking BART across the Bay instead.

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Bloomberg terminals now pull in real-time Twitter feeds

Bloomberg terminals now pull in realtime Twitter feeds

Now that the SEC has given companies its blessing to share business data over social media, Bloomberg has begun to pull live Twitter feeds into its market terminals, known as the Bloomberg Professional service. According to the firm, that makes it the first financial information platform to integrate real-time tweets into investment workflows. Within the service, tweets are classified by company, asset class, people and topics, and stock buffs can even search messages, create filters and set alerts to notify them when a certain subject gets a flurry of mentions. The outfit hopes the inclusion of 140-character missives will let financial-minded folks keep their fingers on the market’s pulse without switching to another system (read: being distracted by Tweetdeck) to get the big picture. Hit the jump for the full skinny in the press release.

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