For audio engineering, “you have to use a Mac”

An audio engineer for 33 years, Greg Price offers simple advice to those who’d like to become great engineers themselves. “‘First, you have to play an instrument,’” reports Jim Dalrymple (, “‘and second, you have to use a Mac.’” “When it comes to making music, using a Mac isn’t something you should do, Price emphasized, it’s a must.”

Game developers enjoying iPhone

“The big winners in Apple’s new online App Store are gamemakers,” says Ryan Kim ( After all, “seven of the top 10 paid applications, including the top five, were video games,” and he reports that Simon Jeffery, president of Sega of America “expects to sell 1 million downloads of Super Monkey Ball on iPhone.” “This is a very viable platform,” Jeffery said. “We’re just scratching the surface on the iPhone.’”

Now playing on iTunes U: 60 Second Lectures

Got a minute? Then you have time to enjoy a lecture from a faculty member at the School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. Speaking on a wide range of topics — from enthography to philosphy to music — the lecturers offer insight, whimsy, and, above all, brevity.

“The new iPhone is wonderful”

“It’s hard to be a tech reviewer if products arrive pretty close to perfect,” laments Mark Kellner ( But he admits to being “very impressed” with iPhone 3G: “The phone performs very well, e-mail is a breeze, and as a music player, the iPhone-in-iPod mode has no equal.”

iPhone 3G “a superb piece of multipurpose technology”

“Better than the original in almost every way,” iPhone 3G “is an endless source of entertainment — as well as a platform for useful business applications that transform it from a cute gadget into a true hand-held computer,” suggests Mike Himowitz (

Mossberg/Boehret “very impressed” with new App Store

Walt Mossberg and Katherine Boehret ( consider the new App Store “the single best feature in Apple’s second generation iPhone 3G.” The “easy availability of so many programs,” they say, “makes the iPhone a true computing platform, like a pocket-sized Windows or Macintosh PC,” one that allows iPhone owners to “have a device with fresh, different capabilities every day.”

App Store “puts iPhone above all others”

What makes the App Store “a win for the user”? Andy Ihnatko ( ticks off the reasons: “The entire universe of iPhone software is in one central location.” “Prices start at free.” “Buying and installing an app is dead simple and reliable.” And thanks to the App Store, iPhone and iPod touch now “represent a formidable and legitimate new computing platform.”

Aperture 2 captures five-star rating

Thanks to a “dramatic overhaul,” Aperture 2, “Apple’s all-in-one photography tool, overtakes Adobe’s Lightroom,” reports Alex Singleton ( “Much faster than its predecessor,” Aperture 2 has “a new user interface [that] makes it more appealing to first-time users, and over 100 new features means it significantly leapfrogs Lightroom in functionality.”