Is Black Friday Becoming the New Cyber Monday?

Unlike in past years, online shopping increased more on Black Friday than on Cyber Monday. Online retailers touted deals earlier, and shoppers had much better access to the Internet over the holiday weekend than in the past.

Internet Etiquette: E-Mail and Facebook Relationships

Jenna Wortham tackles readers’ etiquette questions in the Internet Protocol column on Gadgetwise. This week, she addresses errant e-mails and when to update your “relationship status” on Facebook.

Online Shoppers Spend Over the Weekend, But Will it Last?

On Black Friday, online shoppers spent 11 percent more than last year, but retailers are not sure whether the spending will continue.

Snow Leopard Server “a tremendous value”

In an in-depth review of Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server, Ryan Faas ( cites “performance gains, improvements to several collaboration tools introduced in Leopard Server, enhanced simple administration for non-technical users and new features designed for mobile access and for supporting the iPhone.” Adds Fass: “Snow Leopard Server is a tremendous value.”