Facebook’s Messenger Lite expands to 132 more countries

From the text-only Facebook Zero way back in 2010, to more recent Project Aquila, Mark Zuckerberg and company have made it clear that reaching the developing world is a huge priority for the company. So there was little surprise when it announced Fac…

Robot Unicorn Attack 3 – [adult swim]

[adult swim] - Robot Unicorn Attack 3  artwork

Robot Unicorn Attack 3

[adult swim]

Genre: Games

Release Date: April 27, 2017

*** PLEASE NOTE: For the best gameplay experience, iPhone 6S+ and iPad Air 2 and newer devices are recommended.

Behold mobile gaming's glorious return to glitter-clad annihilation in Robot Unicorn Attack 3! Dash through the sparkling stars; this time with a team of three runners at your fingertips. Gallop into the unending beyond, crashing through golden fairies to unleash Radiant Blast Mode. Build your citadel from the tears of failures past and construct stables to house ever more dazzling allies. Send your magnificent fleet forth on raids to collect gleaming piles of soul crystals. Recycle these unfortunate souls at mystical forges to conjure new unicorns and fuel your unstoppable glitzkrieg!

-Choose a team of three runners that gallop to an explosive demise
-Collect tears to build and power a mighty citadel in your likeness
-Melt down unwanted unicorns to upgrade your runners
-Send stabled unicorns on raids for rare rewards
-Participate in long-term events for mountains of loot
-Summon rare and legendary unicorns from one of three celestial forges

© © & ™ Cartoon Network (s17)

Apple to Provide Song Snippets for Music Video App Musical.ly

Apple is teaming up with popular music video app Musical.ly to promote Apple Music, reports Re/code. Apple will soon provide song snippets and clips to the service, which is designed to let users create and share their own music videos.

Apple Music content will be replacing content from UK-based provider 7digital as soon as tomorrow.

Through the partnership with Apple, and with Apple’s access to licensing deals, Musical.ly will be able to expand the number of countries where it is available from 30 to 120.

Musical.ly, which calls itself an entertainment social network, has been around since August of 2014, but has recently seen a surge in popularity among teenagers. In exchange for the right to use Apple Music content, Musical.ly will promote the Apple Music service to its users and will let Apple Music subscribers listen to full songs within the Musical.ly app.

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