Amazon Alexa Can Now Order An Uber From Your Echo Speaker Or Fire TV

New-Brand-Lockup-Copy It’s been a big week for Amazon’s connected speaker Echo. First the company rolled out a way to order pizza just by asking Echo’s virtual assistant to place an order for you. It then added the much-requested Spotify to the list of supported streaming music services. And today, Amazon has announced integration with on-demand car service, Uber. The feature is being made… Read More

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Bing’s New Apps For iOS And Android Focus On Finding Deals, Local Offers

iOSScreenshots Microsoft’s Bing is trying to carve out a niche for itself on mobile by focusing on the types of common searches and information requests people need to access while on the go. To that end, the company this week rolled out new iOS and Android applications with features like a barcode scanner for price comparisons, a tool to find the cheapest nearby gas prices, and, on iOS to start, a… Read More

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When Will The Machines Wake Up?

sleepingrobot Machines matter to people. But, they “matter” only because they affect people. It’s widely supposed that today’s machines themselves cannot be “affected” — because they have no feelings, no conscious thought, no sentience. Interestingly enough, it might not always be that way. While biology has held a relatively firm monopoly on… Read More

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Instagram Confirms Test Of Multiple Account Switching On iOS

instagram-iphone Instagram confirmed it’s running a test involving multiple account switching on iOS, following reports on Thursday from users who said they saw the feature go live in their app. The company would not speak to its further plans regarding a public rollout, but the news is promising. Last November, Instagram was testing the feature on Android with members of its Instagram beta test… Read More

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Apple Watch Took Two-Thirds Of Smartwatch Market In 2015, Says Analyst

pebble-time-lg-g-watch-r-apple-watch Apple does not break out sales of its debut wearable, the Apple Watch, so it’s up to analysts to stump up the sales estimates — and the latest to do so, Canalys, reckons the Apple Watch accounted for two-thirds of the smartwatch market in 2015, with more than 12 million units shipped by its count in total — and more than five million of those in the holiday quarter. Read More

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Hamster Pad Helps You Find Cool Slack Communities

output_J9Ai8f Are you a Slovenian web dev? A French iOS programmer? A sad person in need of friends? Get thee to the Hamster Pad. This new site Matt Schlicht and his buddy Adam McKenna aggregates hundreds of Slack communities, from programming-centric rooms to rooms for writers. “Nothing like Hamster Pad exists right now. We have literally taken the Slack API and started to create an entire social… Read More

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Airbnb Handed Over $1.3M In Tourist Taxes To The City Of Paris In Q4 2015

Paris-3 The city of Paris has disclosed that Airbnb handed over nearly €1.2 million in tourist taxes in the last quarter of 2015. The actual figure was €1.169 million euros ($1.310M), generated by 1.4 million overnight stays during this period, according to AFP. Read More

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BBC iPlayer for iOS Adds Handoff Support and Spotlight Search

BBC’s iPlayer app has been updated for iOS users in the UK today, bringing added support for Spotlight search and Apple’s Handoff feature.

Users of the app can now directly search for TV programs from their home screen by activating Spotlight search with a swipe down gesture, while the addition of Handoff support enables viewers to pick up where they left off when switching to another iOS device.

BBC iPlayer

The update also patches a bug that led to the app crashing on launch for some users, and adds a full catalog of iPlayer programs to the channel page via the A-Z option.

The UK broadcaster recently brought its iPlayer app to Apple TV after initially stating it had no plans to make the service available on the platform.

BBC iPlayer is a free download for users in the UK. [Direct Link]

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