‘Valkyria Chronicles’ sequel will go back to its strategy roots

Sega is finally making a proper sequel to Valkyria Chronicles. The original, which came out in 2008, was a refreshing blend of top-down strategy and third-person warfare. You led rookie officer Welkin Gunther and his makeshift squad through a fantasy…

HD Spectrum

HD Spectrum

HD Spectrum *Single player* :rnThere are several gameplay modes available for single player games.rnRandom : you can choose what colors the computer will play with.rnStoryline : the computer plays with decks related to the background story of the various alien races in Hidden Dimensions.rnGame deck : play against your own decks.rnrn*Challenges* (available from the single player screen) :rnThese a special decks and environments. Winning against a full set of decks will reward you with elite cards.rnrn*Combat* :rnIn short you have to play structures which provide you with energy. This energy can be used to play ships and actions.rnShips both defend your base and attack your opponent’s base or ships. To defeat your opponent you have to bring their base HP down to zero.rnrnThe cards at the bottom of the screen are available for playing. If you have enough energy to play them, simply click a card and a number of locations will light up on the board. Click any of those locations to place your ship or structure.rnSometimes, actions do not require a target and can be cast right away. If a target is required, valid targets will light up on the board. Simply click the target of your choice.



WarLight WarLight is primarily played with the mouse. However, some hotkeys also exist to make playing faster:

A – Advances to the next phase.
Q – Goes back to the previous phase.
Z – Commits turn (once on Confirmation phase).

Multi-player is available at WarLight.net!

To issue attacks that wrap around the map (such as Alaksa to Kamchatka), you have to zoom out so that you can see both at the same time (zoom buttons are in the bottom right corner of the map). Or you can click one, then click More Info, then select the other from the list.

Rodent wars

Rodent wars

Rodent wars

Hamsters vs Gophers. Capture all enemy burrows to win.

Buy items in magic shop to strengthen your forces.

Pick costumes in dressing room for more fun and achieve totems.

Ada Chinese Poker

Ada Chinese Poker

Ada Chinese Poker This Chinese Poker game is popular all over the China. Your aim is to discard all of your cards first. You will get a lot of fun when playing it!

Acer to expand its Android and Chromebook lineup, offer fewer Windows devices

Acer more Android and Chromebook products, fewer Windows devices

Historically, most of Acer’s device lineup has been focused on Windows products — it’s the fourth-largest PC maker, after all — but a less-than-pleasant second quarter seems to have given the company reason to switch its strategy up a bit. According to the Wall Street Journal, Acer is looking into expanding its Google-centric efforts; although it will continue a strong partnership with Microsoft, the Taiwanese manufacturer aims to offer more Chromebooks and Android products, while pushing fewer laptops or tablets sporting Win8. Chairman J.T. Wang told the Journal that smartphones, tablets and Chromebooks are expected to make up 10-12 percent of the company’s revenue by the end of this year, while that number should bump up to 30 percent in 2014.

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Source: Wall Street Journal

Apple’s Acquisition Strategy Is About Finding Great Talent, Putting It To Work On Existing Apple Priorities


Apple CEO Tim Cook said in today’s keynote speech at the Goldman Sachs investor conference that while Apple picks acquisition targets based on opportunity, the company has a clear strategy if you look back at its acquisitions over the past three years.

“If you look at the last three years, we’ve averaged an acquisition every other month,” he said. “And the kind of companies we’ve purchased have been companies with really smart people and/or IP.” But with a few notable exceptions (including Siri), Cook said that most of the time, what ends up happening with these acquisitions is that Apple takes that talent and puts them to work on projects that they fit, but that are more in line with Apple’s own strategy.

The perfect example, he says, is P.A. Semi, the chipmaker Apple acquired in 2008. With that, Cook explained that P.A. Semi engineers were working on PowerPC, which by then was not something Apple cared about. But Apple recognized the talent of the company’s staff, and immediately put them to work on the engines that power iOS devices through the A-series chips.

“That’s a great example of what we’ve done, and we will do more of those,” Cook said. “We really like to control the primary technology of the product that we’re in.” Apple’s efforts to control its own parts design is most evident with the AX processor series, which is now even designed in-house instead of based on ARM-licensed white label chips, but these comments suggest that we’ll see Apple try to control more in the future, too.

Cook also commented on whether or not Apple would acquire a large company, saying that Apple has “looked at large companies” on multiple occasions. The targets never “passed the test” he said, which are mostly about making sure that acquisitions don’t just add revenue streams, but instead contribute meaningfully to actual product advancement.