What’s New On Netflix In September 2014?

September is upon is, which means one thing: Netflix has some great new titles right around the corner. From the final season of “How I Met Your Mother” to some of Robin Williams’ best movies, the streaming service has us covered in a big way this month.

So say goodbye to summer and let the binge-watching begin. Here’s what’s new on Netflix this month:

TV Shows:
“Californication,” Seasons 1-7, Sept. 1
“Chasing UFOs,” Season 1, Sept. 1
“Doomsday Preppers,” Seasons 1-3, Sept. 1
“Hinterland,” Season 1, Sept. 1
“Unsealed: Alien Files,” Season 1, Sept. 1
“Zero Hour,” Seasons 1-3, Sept. 1
“The League,” Season 5, Sept. 2
“Trailer Park Boys,” Season 8, Sept. 5
“The Blacklist,” Season 1, Sept. 7
“Crash & Bernstein,” Season 2, Sept. 10
“About a Boy,” Season 1, Sept. 14
“Arrow,” Season 2, Sept. 14
“Bones,” Season 9, Sept. 16
“New Girl,” Season 3, Sept. 16
“The Fosters,” Season 2, Sept. 17
“Revolution,” Season 2, Sept. Sept. 22
“How I Met Your Mother,” Season 9, Sept. 26
“Parks and Recreation,” Season 6, Sept. 26
“Comic Book Men,” Season 3, Sept. 28
“The Walking Dead,” Season 4, Sept. 28

“A Simple Plan,” Sept. 1
“Cool Runnings,” Sept. 1
“Crocodile Dundee,” Sept. 1
“Detention,” Sept. 1
“Flubber,” Sept. 1
“Girl Rising,” Sept. 1
“Girlfight,” Sept. 1
“Good Morning, Vietnam,” Sept. 1
“Guess Who,” Sept. 1
“Hoodwinked,” Sept. 1
“Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie,” Sept. 1
“Lords of Dogtown,” Sept. 1
“Mirage Men,” Sept. 1
“School of Rock,” Sept. 1
“Small Apartments,” Sept. 1
“Swiss Family Robinson,” Sept. 1
“The Believers,” Sept. 1
“The Blue Lagoon,” Sept. 1
“The Unbelievers,” Sept. 1
“All is Lost,” Sept. 5
“Kid Cannabis,” Sept. 6
“Le Week-End,” Sept. 6
“Refuge,” Sept. 6
“Your Sister’s Sister,” Sept. 6
“Who Is Dayani Cristal?,” Sept. 9
“Deadly Code,” Sept. 10
“A Single Man,” Sept. 11
“Dennis Miller: America 180,” Sept. 11
“Filth,” Sept. 11
“The Moment,” Sept. 11
“Grace Unplugged,” Sept. 12
“Justin and the Knights of Valor,” Sept. 13
“Beginners,” Sept. 16
“One Day,” Sept. 16
“Silver Linings Playbook,” Sept. 16
“3 Days to Kill,” Sept. 17
“The Double,” Sept. 25
“Bad Grandpa,” Sept. 27
“Lullaby,” Sept. 29
“Killing Them Softly,” Sept. 30

Dog Turns On Stove, Sets Laptop On Fire

Police say a New Jersey family’s dog turned on the stove, which caught the laptop resting on the burner on fire and sent smoke through the roof.

The fire was reported early Friday evening in Lacey Township while the owners were away.

Police tell the …

Even Some Humanitarian Hounds Are Getting In On The Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS ice bucket challenge has taken the world by storm as people have dumped buckets of ice over their heads for an important cause. (To date it has raised more than $100 million for the ALS Association.) Most recently though, the challenge has caught on with some adorable members of another species.

Watch these hilarious (and dog-safe!) spins below — perhaps you’ll even be inspired to get your own furry friend involved.

We love this for two reasons: 1. Ammo the dachshund has a shower cap on. A SHOWER CAP! 2. The owner uses warm water on Ammo, making the challenge completely dog-safe, and a whole lot more pleasant.

An ice bucket challenge in which doggie treats come out of the bucket? No wonder these pooches were completely thrilled to be “splashed!”

Ya know, just another heroic day in the life of this police pooch.

By now, you’re probably familiar with ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, because of this viral challenge, but did you know that dogs can be affected by a similar condition?

Degenerative myelopathy (DM) affects canines in a similar way ALS affects humans. DM is a progressive spinal-cord disorder that starts out causing weakness in the hind legs, and may eventually lead to paralysis of the dog’s entire back end within six months to a year, according to the GA Veterinary Rehabilitation, Fitness & Pain Management clinic. There is currently no cure for DM.

Help support ALS research through the “Donate” button above. And learn more about DM here.

h/t Reshareworthy

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Bill Murray Takes Tickets At Baseball Game, Definitely Worth Price Of Admission

Bill Murray, part owner of the Minnesota minor-league baseball team St. Paul Saints, took tickets Thursday, Aug. 28, at the team’s final game at Midway Stadium, outlets reported. And his work was a hit.

Love the bucket hat, Bill! @StPaulSaints pic.twitter.com/LHUACcLQYL

— Katie Schutrop (@kshoop) August 28, 2014

Bill Murray is taking tickets at final St. Paul Saints game @ Midway Stadium tonight. Photo by @CarlosGphoto pic.twitter.com/gnZmIroQOZ

— Star Tribune (@StarTribune) August 28, 2014

Murray also caught the first pitch and heaved it into the stands …

… and gave someone some face time.

Murray has reveled in other public situations of late. He crashed a bachelor party in South Carolina and gave some advice on finding the right person. He also photo-bombed a couple’s engagement photo.

And now Murray’s made another pitch to be a celebrity of the people.