The 25 greatest movie soundtracks

The modern movie soundtrack era as we know it essentially began in 1967, when Mike Nichols's primarily scored "The Graduate" to the music of Simon & Garfunkel. This gave way to filmmakers like Dennis Hopper and Martin Scorsese infusing their movies with popular songs of the era. When the soundtrack for "Saturday Night Fever" sold over fourteen million copies in the late 1970s, the gold rush began. This wasn't just a way to connect with younger viewers who'd tired of orchestral film scores; this was a valuable marketing tool. Then came "Flashdance," "Ghostbusters," "Beverly Hills Cop" and so on. But the best soundtracks tend to be the ones that reflect the mood of the film, reminding you why you loved it in the first place – though there are exceptions to that rule, and some of them are on the list you are about to enjoy and/or vehemently disagree with. Fans of "The Bodyguard," prepared to be enraged.

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