Bloomlife’s baby bump wearable tracks your contractions

While there are several ways to entertain your unborn child with the latest chart toppers, the kind of technology that's invaluable during pregnancy is typically reserved for hospitals and clinics. But a company called Bloomlife wants to bring one ke…

More wearable woe as Vinaya restructures and seeks pivot to b2b

vinaya 2016 had a little more woe to deliver in the wearables space as London-based high end connected device maker, Vinaya, went into administration last month. Read More

Polar embeds a bunch of sensors into a workout shirt

polar-team-pro-shirt The once-ascendant world of wearables seems to be on shaky ground of late, but you’ve got to hand it to polar for really going all in. The Finnish company’s certainly got the history to back it up, of course, having produced wearable heart rate monitors since the early 80s, decades before anyone managed to embed the things on a wristband. And there’s perhaps something to be… Read More

Bill and Melinda Gates back an implant that could prevent HIV

You don't have to wait until after an infection to fight HIV. A technique known as pre-exposure prophylaxis has you taking preemptive medicine on a regular basis, greatly reducing the chances that HIV will take root in the first place. Needless to…

Aura Health launches meditation app for people who can’t sit still for long

contemplation As someone who considers themselves to be into meditation, I don’t meditate very often. I’ve had Headspace on my phone for over a year at this point, but I’ve probably used fewer than 20 times. In the last couple of days, I’ve been trying out a recently-launched meditation app for iOS called Aura. Aura’s bread and butter is short, three-to-seven-minute… Read More

FDA issues new security guidelines so that your pacemaker won’t get hacked

Conceptual image of a female doctor with a stethoscope This week, the US Food and Drug Administration issued a set of recommendations for securing medical devices that could jeopardize the safety and privacy of their users. The report, titled “Postmarket Management of Cybersecurity in Medical Devices,” focuses on security throughout the lifecycle of a device, emphasizing that robust cybersecurity is an ongoing process that requires… Read More

Apple Watch goads you into getting some post-holiday exercise

Guilt over holiday eating might just convince you to hit the gym in the coming weeks, but Apple wants to offer some motivation of its own. On December 28th, the company pushed a notification to every Apple Watch owner encouraging them to participate…

Nano-sized discs teach your body to fight cancer

In the future, getting customized cancer treatments might just be a matter of injecting virtually invisible discs into into your body. University of Michigan scientists have had early success testing 10nm "nanodiscs" that teach your body to kill canc…