Self-driving care

self-driving-car U.S. healthcare might learn a thing or two from the modus operandi of Google’s fleet of autonomous vehicles — the information and skills that self-driving vehicle systems must share represent compelling models and lessons that might be adapted to healthcare. Read More

Research heralds better and bidirectional brain-computer interfaces

stanford_bci_header A pair of studies, one from Stanford and another from the University of Geneva, exemplify the speed with which brain-computer interfaces are advancing; and while you won’t be using one instead of a mouse and keyboard any time soon, even in its nascent form the tech may prove transformative for the disabled. Read More

Watson can diagnose heart disease by looking at medical images

IBM's Watson technology has helped doctors before, but usually by poring through databases before offering its advice. Now, it's ready to look at the patients themselves — or rather, their body scans. It's following up on past promises by launching…

Fitbit reveals it paid $23 million to acquire Pebble’s assets

Fitbit Flex 2 Among the more interesting tidbits to be found in Fitbit’s disappointing new financial filing is the fact that it apparently picked up Pebble’s assets for a relative song. While the company didn’t reveal the actual numbers when the acquisition was announced late last year, reports pegged it at upwards of $40 million. According to today’s filing, the amount Fitbit paid… Read More

Watson-based cancer project paused after running aground

It's tempting to treat IBM's Watson as a cure-all: just throw some cognitive computing at the problem and you'll make everything better. That can only happen if it's well-implemented, however, and we've just seen what happens when things go awry. T…

AI can predict autism through babies’ brain scans

Scientists know that the first signs of autism can appear in early childhood, but reliably predicting that at very young ages is difficult. A behavior questionnaire is a crapshoot at 12 months. However, artificial intelligence might just be the key…

How mobile technology is transforming lives in rural India

A Morning Ride Deep in a rural village in India outside the city of Jhansi, children play on dirt roads where goats and cows roam. The humble and colorful homes have mud floors, and women collect drinking water from wells. All the sights and sounds are quintessential aspects of the region, with the exception of one feature — the use of smartphones to save lives. Read More

Theranos might be on life support

theranos_paloalto_hq_1 It probably comes as no surprise Theranos, the blood testing technology company once worth billions, is struggling to survive. A new report from the Wall Street Journal says the company had just $200 million cash on hand left at the end of 2016 – a quarter of its $800 million in total funding. According to the Journal’s investor sources, Theranos disclosed that number on a… Read More