Zepp’s tennis sensor now includes a highlight camera

Unless you've got a professional coach on hand, it can be tricky to determine how good your tennis skills really are — simply not slamming the ball into the net doesn't count, unfortunately. But for those looking to up their game, sport sensor creat…

BMW adds a performance version of its electric i3 for 2018

For 2018 BMW is lightly reworking the style that made us call its i3 "a long-range concept car you can actually buy" and it's expanding the lineup with the i3s. A new performance version, it upgrades the standard i3's 170 horsepower / 184 pound-feet…

Lucha Libre will stream ‘Triplemania XXV’ on Twitch

Triplemania turns 25 this year, and in keeping with its adrenaline-pulsing theatrics you'd expect it to do something pretty special to celebrate, which is why fans will be able to bypass pay-per-view and watch the whole thing live on Twitch. Showcasi…

BT Sport to stream its Saturday footy results show on Twitter

Twitter has recently been the forum of choice for many weird, wannabe-viral transfer announcements, but BT will soon be taking to the social network for more serious football coverage. Just as we start digging our teeth into the new Premier League se…

Cricketers will use smart bats to track their performances

Cricket is a game of technique. Throwing the perfect out-swinger, or hitting a clean square drive takes a tremendous amount of practice and skill. If you're watching a professional match at home, it can be hard to keep up with the mind games or under…

PiQ puts AI to work in the ‘world’s first’ smart ski

Baseball bats and tennis rackets aren't the only pieces of sports equipment that are getting smarter these days. Ski maker Rossignol and consumer electronics company PIQ announced on Monday that they have created the world's first "connected" ski. Be…

BT Sports now available on Virgin TV: free for some, £15 per month for others

DNP BT Sports channel now available through Virgin TV free for some, 15 per month for others

BT is swiftly becoming a sports broadcasting force in the UK after acquiring ESPN UK and Ireland in February, then launching two of its own channels at the beginning of August. It’s now found a teammate in Virgin Media, and a newly inked, three-year deal will see BT Sport 1, 2, ESPN and their HD counterparts available through Sir Richard’s cable TV service. From today, all those channels go free for subscribers of the TV XL package, or can be added to other tiers for £15 per month. Watching through Virgin’s TV Anywhere app is currently not supported but will be “soon,” letting you gasp, shout and throw obscenities at even more screens.

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BBC Sport app comes to Kindle Fire, now lets you filter out Chelsea news

BBC Sport app comes to Kindle Fire, now lets you filter out Chelsea news

iOS users already had access to the BBC Sport app’s customizable “quick links” feature, which provides more direct access to favorite sports, but an update has just taken the idea a bit further. Quick links now work across Android and the freshly-minted Kindle Fire version too, and they additionally allow you to filter news according to which football club(s) you want to follow and which bits of multi-million-pound transfer gossip you’d rather just ignore. Other, more general improvements include refreshed indexes for a total of 41 different sports and greater prominence given to major tournaments like Formula 1 and the Ashes. If you want to check out the app on a Kindle Fire or Fire HD, you’ll need to be in the UK — an international version is still in the works and will be “available soon.” There’s a hat-trick of relevant download links below.

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