BT Sports now available on Virgin TV: free for some, £15 per month for others

BT is swiftly becoming a sports broadcasting force in the UK after acquiring ESPN UK and Ireland in February, then launching two of its own channels at the beginning of August. It’s now found a teammate in Virgin Media, and a newly inked, three-ye…

BBC Sport app comes to Kindle Fire, now lets you filter out Chelsea news

iOS users already had access to the BBC Sport app’s customizable “quick links” feature, which provides more direct access to favorite sports, but an update has just taken the idea a bit further. Quick links now work across Android and the freshly-…

BBC rolls out streaming sports coverage to 3G networks

After giving its iPlayer the nod to stream programming content over mobile networks in the UK, the Beeb has decided to do the same with its BBC Sport mobile site. Not only will you be able to stream live coverage, like the current crop of Euro 2012 f…

Dragon Empire

Architect: Episode 1

Architect: Episode 1How often have you thought about what makes up the unforgettable scenery of a city? “Architect: Episode One” gives you the opportunity to take on the role of a town-planner and build the city of your dreams!

Architect: Episode 1Architect: Episode 1Architect: Episode 1

Habitat Rescue: Lion’s Pride

Habitat Rescue: Lion's PrideHelp a pride of lost Lions restore their jungle paradise in this real-time simulation game that combines strategy and adventure! The Lions lost their ancestral home because of pollution and ravages on the environment.

Habitat Rescue: Lion's PrideHabitat Rescue: Lion's PrideHabitat Rescue: Lion's Pride

Simplz: Zoo

Simplz: ZooBuild your very own zoo in Simplz: Zoo! Combining two types of games, simulation and puzzle into one unique adventure, Simplz: Zoo puts you in charge as you decide what animals to add to your zoo, and exactly where to place them.

Simplz: ZooSimplz: ZooSimplz: Zoo

Sea Bounty – Dead Man’s Chest