Parallels makes Windows apps work with your MacBook’s TouchBar

If you're one of those Apple users who likes (or needs) to run Mac OS and Windows side by side, you'll probably be into Parallels Desktop 13. Especially if you have one of those MacBook Pros with a TouchBar. The latest version of the software makes c…

Trojan uses a key internet feature to receive marching orders

If malware uses a remote command-and-control server to function, it's relatively easy to cripple it by blocking the internet addresses it uses. It's not always that easy, however, and researchers at Cisco's Talos group have found a textbook example…

Microsoft Office for Mac gets Touch Bar support

Owners of the Macbook Pro with Touch Bar will be pleased to hear that Microsoft Office now works with the LCD strip Apple introduced with its latest laptop. Support for Touch Bar was announced alongside the new MacBook Pro at an Apple event last Octo…

Google Docs Makes Collaborative Editing Easier For Word Users

Suggest_Edits At its I/O developer conference earlier this month, Google announced a major update to its suite of productivity apps, including Docs, Sheets and Slides. The main feature there was the integration of QuickOffice, which now makes editing native Microsoft Office documents online easier. Today, Google recapped some of those updates in a blog post, but it also threw in a new Google Docs feature… Read More

Microsoft brings Office Mobile to Android smartphones

Microsoft brings Office Mobile to Android

The once-mythical Office Mobile for iPhone has been available for a while, but what about that rumored Android version? As of today, it’s equally real: Microsoft has launched Office Mobile for Android. Its cloud-focused approach to editing Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents will be familiar to those who’ve tried the iOS release, including SkyDrive storage support. What differences exist are there primarily to accommodate Google’s Holo interface guidelines — as on iOS, there’s no tablet-native interface. The pricing certainly hasn’t changed. While the core app is free, you’ll need an Office 365 subscription to start working.

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Chrome OS dev channel gains Quickoffice powers, lets users edit native Excel and Word files

Chrome OS dev channel gains Quickoffice powers, lets users edit native Excel and Word files

Chrome OS hardware continues to proliferate, and on the software front, Google continues to add features to the platform in the hopes of persuading more folks to exit the traditional PC paradigm. Today marks a significant step in achieving that latter goal, as the dev channel of Chrome OS has received the ability to edit Excel and Word files thanks to Quickoffice integration. While it’s not ready for public consumption just yet, it shows that Google’s getting close to fulfilling its promise to deliver native doc editing to the Pixel and other Chromebooks.

Should you be among those on the dev channel of Chrome OS, you can enable the functionality now by going to chrome://flags, enabling document editing and restarting your machine. According to developer François Beaufort — the man who discovered the functionality — editing’s still a glitchy process, but the more folks that use the feature now, the faster the problems can be found and fixed. The power of productivity is in your hands, people, so get cracking squashing those bugs!

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Microsoft roadmap leak shows Office for iOS and Android to be released in fall of 2014

Microsoft roadmap leak shows Office for iOS and Android to be released in fall of 2014

Despite a recent preoccupation with the web-based Office 365 service, the folks in Redmond haven’t stopped working to bring regular MS Office to mobile users. ZDNet reports that a leaked Microsoft Office roadmap shows that the ubiquitous productivity suite is due to land on Android and iOS in October of 2014. This seems to confirm earlier rumors of an iPad-friendly version of Office, but at a much later date than previously expected.

Android and iOS users aren’t the only Office aficionados receiving good news, as the leak also indicates that touch-friendly Blue updates for Word, Excel PowerPoint and OneNote are due to appear for Windows 8 by October of this year. Furthermore, April of 2014 is set to deliver a new version of Office for Mac and Windows phone, and it looks like Microsoft Outlook will finally land on Windows RT by the fall of 2014, too. Naturally, we don’t know what features these updates will bring, but it’s nice to know they’re coming, right?

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Office Web Apps update brings web image pasting, PowerPoint slide editing and more

Office Web Apps update lets you copy  paste web pictures and more

Microsoft’s Office Web Apps are great for those with a SkyDrive account and any device with an IE, Firefox, Chrome or Safari browser who don’t want to lug the full Office 365 suite around. Since functionality can be a tad limited, however, Redmond’s just added more features with the latest update. For starters, you can now copy and paste pictures from the web into Word, PowerPoint and OneNote Web Apps. Other new functions include cursor-following tools in all the programs, the ability to rearrange slides in PowerPoint Web App along with comment viewing, touch-based chart resizing and more in Excel Web App. Microsoft’s posted some sample files that work without a SkyDrive account, so if you want to give it a whirl, hit the source.

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