FlatOut 2 [(Intel) Article]

Over 40 tracks, each with more than 5,000 destructible objects. A dozen stunt-filled mini-games. Six crash derby arenas. Forty vehicles, including a rocket stunt car and others unlockable with cheat codes, each with 40 deformable pieces, such as tires, doors, and hoods. It all adds up to a smashing good time at the races.

FlatOut 2 [(Intel) Trailer]

Experience the drive of your life as you throw yourself around on and off the track causing fences to shatter, tyre walls explode, water tanks and barrels fly across the track into other cars. And if anyone, including you, gets caught up in a big smash sit back and watch as the driver gets catapulted through the windscreen in spectacular effect.

MacBook Pro [(Intel) Hardware]

So fast, you’ll forget it’s a notebook. MacBook Pro puts desktop-class graphics in a portable package. That makes it the ultimate mobile solution for gamers. Out of the box, it runs the integrated NVDIA GeForce 9400M processor, which provides plenty of performance for everyday use with great battery life. But when you need turbocharged performance for the most graphically intensive tasks, the discrete NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT processor delivers. Both graphics processors are included, so you can easily switch between them.

MacBook [(Intel) Hardware]

With a first-of-its-kind integrated graphics processor that delivers up to five times the performance in half the size, the new MacBook changes the game — and just about everything else you do on a notebook. Games get up to a 5x performance boost: Power your way through the 3D environments of Quake, Call of Duty, and Spore. Enjoy faster, smoother, more responsive gameplay. And marvel at how great those game graphics look: They’re crisper, they’re more finely detailed, and they make the most of the brilliant LED-backlit display.