Free Download Farm Mania Game

Help Anna and her grandfather turn their fallow fields into a bustling business in this free-range Time Management game! Raise a huge variety of animals and crops; the more you produce the more you can buy. Build your farm with incredible upgrades and helpful abilities. Turn the excitement all the way up in the frenetic Arcade mode or enjoy the rustic pleasures of the simple life in Casual mode. Put your green thumb to work with Farm Mania!

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Court weighs Calif. law on violent video games

Children in California who want to buy or rent a violent video game without a parent’s permission could have that right taken away by a federal appeals panel, which heard arguments on the case Wednesday.

Tribal Trouble 2 [(universal) Demo]

As a chieftain of a tribe of clueless Vikings, you travel the seas pillaging enemy settlements. Fight the enemy in this fast paced real time strategy game and spend the loot on improvements for your tribe, that will take you far away on quests against other tribes and online players.

Akkadia [(universal) Demo]

Travel to glittering distant Akkadia, the land of opulent temples, exotic incense and spices, and affluent cities, in this beautiful take on classic word building games. Have boundless fun assembling words as large as your vocabulary will allow, and see if you have the power to discover what treasures lie locked in waiting behind the alabaster wall of letters.

ToCA Race Driver 3: DTM/V8 [(Intel) Demo]

Mixes several different racing modes together to create an experience unlike anything else on the Mac with up to 21 vehicles per race. ToCA Race Driver 3 comes from the same supercharged stable as the Colin McRae Rally series, the Codemasters Software Company, who are responsible for more great racing games than any one other company. This demo lets you race one race in both the DTM (German Touring Cars) and the Australian V8 Supercars series.

Whack The Dead [(universal) Demo]

Eliminate the zombies, eery creatures and beings from beyond the grave by whacking them. Grab the grenade to get rid of the bad guys as quickly as possible, freeze them by tapping on a snowman. Find ammunition and other bonuses to help you out and to increase your score. Don’t whack the good guys, though! It can be tricky at times because you might find friendly folks and animals around but don’t get rid of them.