Monster Trucks Nitro [(universal) Demo]

Race, jump and nitroboost your way pass thrilling dynamic levels with your monster trucks. Earn medals and unlock new levels and vehicles.

Video games may do the aging brain good

Older adults might want to take an interest in their grandchildren’s’ video games, if early research on the brain benefits of gaming is correct.

Electronic Arts to slash 1,000 jobs

Electronic Arts Inc. plans to slash hundreds of jobs in addition to the layoffs it announced earlier this fall, with the total amounting to about 10 percent of its work force, or about 1,000 people.

Free Download County Fair Game

You have just inherited a traveling County Fair from a long-lost relative, but it`s up to you to keep it going. You`ll visit every tourist spot around the county. Each week brings a new locale, and a new challenge. Hire staff, upgrade rides, set up concession stands, manage ad campaigns. People everywhere are clamoring to visit your rides. Don`t let the dream die out, the Fair`s future is in your hands!

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