Battlestations: Midway [(Intel) Article]

Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead! Launch the fighters! Battlestations: Midway recreates World War II in the Pacific, giving you full control over everything from PT boats to aircraft carriers, P-40 Warhawks to B-17 bombers, and submarines. Begin with the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and finish your campaign at the Battle of Midway; you’ll even encounter a famous guest star along the way. Up to eight can compete online in the game’s 10 multi-player maps.

Chessmaster 9000 [(universal) Patch]

Since the very first version of this game appeared in 1986, Chessmaster has led computer chess gaming, selling more than 5 million units worldwide and winning numerous awards. This update makes the game a universal binary for better compatibility.

Fitness Frenzy [(universal) Demo]

With a hard bod and healthy mind, your clients can conquer the world. As Vicki, a personal fitness trainer, you must help all sorts of people from newbie joggers to muscle-bound weight lifters reach their personal goals.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare [(Intel) Trailer]

Call of Duty 4’s modern-day single-player campaign takes you around the world as you find yourself embroiled in a conflict that could herald World War III. On the multi-player side, establish your own legacy as you customize your character class, complete with special perks, and rise through levels to the ultimate: prestige mode. With six ways to compete against live opponents and 16 maps to choose from, you won’t tire of going online any time soon.

Dam Beavers [(universal) Demo]

Like most ducks, Quax loves swimming. But today an unruly gang of beaver baddies insists on building their dams upstream, reducing his favorite swimming pond to a mere puddle. Determined to swim again, Quax has constructed a dam-busting catapult to smash the beaver dams and restore his peaceful pond, but he needs your word-building skills to help him battle the beavers. Click letters to form words and give Quax the ammo he needs to demolish the dams.

WALL•E: The Video Game [(universal) Article]

Based on Pixar’s latest computer-animated tale, WALL•E takes you through expanded versions of the Earth- and space-bound environments seen in the film. Guide our plucky unlikely hero as he falls love with a robot named EVE and hitches a ride into space, where a grand adventure awaits him. His goal: Help humanity learn the error of its ways, which have resulted in an inhospitable Earth several centuries from now.

Out of the Park Baseball 9 [(universal) Demo]

The game lets you do almost anything a real life general manager can do to guide a baseball team to glory. Set your line-ups. Replace that aging veteran with a rookie from your minor leagues. Put your injured starter on the disabled list and scout the waiver wire for someone to fill that roster spot. Put that disgruntled star heading for free agency on the trade block, and see what shakes out.

iPod Games: The Sims DJ [(iPod) Article]

Get the town of Pleasantview movin’ and groovin’ with an arsenal of tunes from a wide array of genres, including selections from your iPod’s library. Keep those Sims dancing and happy to rack up a high cred score and complete your goals. Do well and you’ll be invited to gigs at top clubs, earning more respectable status along the way. Don’t forget to hit the mall and pick up some new threads with all those Simoleons you’ve pocketed.