The Sims 3: High-End Loft Stuff [(Intel) Article]

The luxurious Pythagoras Corner Bathtub. The Cradle of Civilization, billed as “the most comfortable sofa in the entire world.” Pambo Psimcasso’s famous “Scenic Circuits” abstract art piece. A GUGA JoyToy 3 videogame console, complete with a copy of Blood Buckets 7. Just a few of the dozens of items for discerning Sims found in the High-End Loft Stuff collection. Time to indulge.

Rome: Total War Gold Edition [(Intel) Article]

Relive the rise and fall of the Roman Empire in Rome: Total War and its Barbarian Invasion expansion pack. Make your moves turn-by-turn on the main game map before zooming into a 3D battlefield for some real-time strategy. Acquire territory, grow your economy, improve your technology, and make a play for the rest of the world. Then fast-forward hundreds of years to a time when the Roman Empire was split in two and hordes of Huns, Goths, and other tribes presented a new threat to the balance of power.