‘Descent’-inspired ‘Sublevel Zero Redux’ coming to PS4

If you're interested in some Descent-like shooter action, you could wait for Descent Underground, the crowdfunded game from from a developer behind Star Citizen. However, it's not expected to arrive until next year, and when it does, there are no pla…

Bungie will reset everyone’s ‘Destiny’ characters for the sequel

As the sun sets on Bungie's shooter MMO Destiny, its fans look ahead to a new dawn, when the old game hands its reign (and playerbase) over to its sequel coming sometime this year, currently called Destiny 2. Unfortunately, its loyal constituency had…

‘Overwatch’ rings in the Lunar New Year with capture the flag

Shortly after the hit hero shooter Overwatch launched last May, fans were treated to a slew of new character models themed for the upcoming 2016 Brazil Summer Olympics. That was just the beginning of Blizzard's extra content train, as they released m…

The next ‘Overwatch’ holiday event celebrates Chinese New Year

It doesn't look like Overwatch's holiday celebrations are over just because Christmas is in the rearview mirror. Next up? Chinese New Year. The game's Twitter account sent the news out along with a quick video, proclaiming that the event, Year of the…

‘Overwatch’ finally makes playing with randoms easier

Overwatch is great, but, unless you're carousing with people on your friends list, it's been almost impossible to keep playing with the same people in matchmade multiplayer. Thankfully the developers at Blizzard have recognized the error in their way…

Playdate: taking on The Taken King in ‘Destiny’

We're officially in "year two" of Bungie's connected shooter Destiny and what better way to celebrate than by streaming its first big expansion pack, "The Taken King" ? Both Sean Buckley and myself are lapsed Destiny players who've largely stepped a…

Chroma Crash

Chroma CrashPuzzle lovers are likely to remember Collapse, a three-match classic game. Its goal is to click on groups of three or more blocks to clear them from the board. Chroma Crash! from AxySoft takes this concept to the whole new level, spicing up the gameplay with lots of powerups, bonuses and incredible graphics delivered in a visually pleasing three dimensional mode. Besides, in Chroma Crash! you are not alone. There is a funny character – Flying Frog!

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Ball Attack

Ball AttackBall Attack is an Arkanoid/Breakout style game. Original solutions give a new twist to the classic “ball-and-bricks” concept. A number of unique elements that never before appeared in such games give Ball Attack absolutely fresh look and feel.

The Ball Attack concept can be described as follows: make your way through the brick arrays and have fun! In this game you always have objects to destroy and weapons to destroy them with. Impressive destruction of several hundred bricks within a couple of minutes is quite common here. On the Ball Attack levels you can come across several types of bricks: some of them are very common, but others may be very special. An individual brick is not so large, but there are hundreds of them on each level! Due to this the Ball Attack levels have very special appearance. On some levels you can come across moving units that make the levels livelier. The levels can transform and even rotate adding new challenge for the player. Ball Attack features a number of levels where the player must demonstrate not only his agility, but also the quick-wittedness.

Ball Attack features a wide variety of power-ups, including absolutely unique ones. The player must avoid penalty items, mighty power-ups help him destroy large clusters of bricks and bonus weapons can turn the whole massive of bricks to dust in just a few seconds. Additionally, several types of special objects such as Bonus Generator add new gimmicks to the gameplay.

Ball Attack can provide hours of fun to any action games admirer!

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