CrazyShooting – GUMP TECH CO., LIMITED

Classic Stickman style shooting-adventure clearance game.

3 Modes:
1.Level clearance: get through the state in the shortest time. Get high score with 3 stars.
2. Shooting Time: You have 60 seconds to complete the more Levels as you can, one hit earns another second. Can you hold this?
3. V.S. Mode: Try to complete the Level if you are still alive, NOTE: do not be killed!

Crazy Shooting is a very playful action adventure stand-alone mobile game,Game is based on Black and white style, stickman as the main character, shooting to complete the Level. Easy to get through? Everyone can play it, but can you make a perfect shot? Come and chanllenge it now!

Amazing Thief – Ketchapp

One day, I was woken up by the noise on the street. From my window, I saw a skillful thief jumping on the roofs, from building to building. Police even cannot get near him. He is so fast…

War of Ages – Roger Nash

Set in the Middle Age, where people live in constant fear and all they know is war. The rivers run red with blood and cities lay in ruin. You, a war hero that has been made Lord, must bring order and unity to your nation in this MMO strategy game.

Exciting game features:
– Free to play
– Join millions of online players worldwide
– Seven nations to choose from
– Recruit and train heroes and troops
– Attack your foes and NPCs to loot resources
– Arm your Heroes with powerful equipment and enhance them with jewels
– Upgrade your technology and infrastructure to strengthen your troops
– Ally with other players to defend together against threats
– Fight with your friends to develop special alliance skills
– Complete over 50 Chapters of single player missions in Common and Elite mode
– Create new cities by recruiting Militiaman
– Exchange resources with other players in the Marketplace
– Make friends and share strategy with them in real time