PlayStation credit card gives extra money back for gaming purchases

If you're a PlayStation fan, you probably use your credit card for a lot: games, add-ons, the virtually obligatory Plus subscription and the occasional accessory. Wouldn't it be good if you could at least get some compensation for pouring so much mo…

Artificial intelligence is about the people, not the machines

 From hedge funds to venture capital firms, everyone in finance has some idea about how data and quantitative analysis will reshape their industry. Firms like Signal Fire track engineers as they move from company to company to draw attention to growing startups. And funds like Numerai and Quantopian are putting faith in quants to determine optimal trading strategies. Bridgewater Associates, one… Read More

Angry Birds maker Rovio sees a small pop of 6% to €12.20 in its trading debut

 Rovio, maker of the Angry Birds gaming franchise, saw a small pop of 6 percent in its first day of trading as a public company. After pricing its IPO at €11.50 per share — the top of its range — yesterday, today the stock opened on the Nasdaq Nordic exchange at €12.20, and at the current price of €12.23, the company has a market cap of  $1.1 billion (€952 million).… Read More

Accela gets acquired by Berkshire Partners as it looks to move govtech services to the cloud

 Boston-based private equity shop Berkshire Partners announced this afternoon that it is acquiring Accela — a nearly 20 year old startup that sells regulatory management solutions to government clients. Accela has gone through a troika of CEOs in the last year. Previously acting CEO Mark Jung replaced Maury Blackman last October who had managed the company for about a decade. We… Read More

Fidelity CEO Abigail Johnson says the company is mining cryptocurrencies

 Fidelity Investments, one of the world’s largest investment firms with $2.3 trillion in managed assets, is taking a long look at cryptocurrencies. 
The firm has been experimenting internally with bitcoin, but is now bringing some of those features out to its broad customer base.  Read More

Naspers invests another $775M in food take-out giant Delivery Hero

 Naspers, the South African media and internet giant, has upped its stake in Delivery Hero, the Berlin based food-delivery giant that went public earlier this year and has a market cap of $6.8 billion. Naspers has acquired another 13 percent of the company, 22.4 million shares, equivalent to about €660 million ($775 million), from Rocket Internet. Naspers now owns 26.3 percent of the… Read More

HSBC app will let you manage accounts from multiple banks

HSBC is readying a mobile app that will allow customers to manage multiple accounts from different banks. "HSBC Beta" will support 21 money-keepers at launch, including Santander, Lloyds and Barclays, so users can review their current account, loans,…

Following its $25M ICO, Omise lands strategic investment from Thai bank Krungsri

 Earlier this year Thailand-based Omise held a $25 million ICO to develop a next-generation decentralized payment network, and now the company has closed an undisclosed investment from Thai bank Krungsri (Bank of Ayudhya).
Omise has raised over $20 million in VC money — the ICO was for its Omise Go (OMG) division — but this new financing is strategic in nature. The deal itself… Read More