ICYMI: CES brings smart brush, remote, fridge and odd cyborg

Today on In Case You Missed It: If you were looking for things to make your home life easier, you might need a camera that takes a photo of the inside of your fridge every time it is opened. Then you'll always know if someone drank the last of…

What made Gwyneth Paltrow change her lifestyle

Since 2008, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle empire, Goop, has become a go-to online destination for healthy living suggestions (both low-key and more out there). 

Lego targets pre-Mindstorms minds with its Boost educational kit

img_0703 Boost is an impressive kit. The five on-board building experiences cover a lot of ground, from a robot to a guitar, to quasi Lego “3D printer” that’s more like an assembly line Rube Goldberg-style device that pieces together its own Lego creations. The set is being couched as an educational kit, joining Lego’s line in a difficulty level a step down from the… Read More

Carrie Fisher Spent Her Last Dinner with Salman Rushdie, Sharon Horgan and Lots of Laughter

The night before Carrie Fisher suffered a major heart attack on a flight, she had dinner with novelist Salman Rushdie, a longtime friend, and Catastrophe co-creator Sharon Horgan. However, Horgan almost skipped what turned out to be their last time together. Fisher was in London filming season 3 of Catastrophe, the Emmy-nominated Amazon series, before she died at 60 after suffering a heart attack during her flight back to Los Angeles. The Star Wars actress invited Horgan to dinner. “It was the day after our last day’s filming of Catastrophe and I was monstrously hungover and tired and incapable,” Horgan wrote in an essay published by The Guardian. “I tried to cry off and she reminded me that she had dragged her ass all the way out to Hackney to see me the week before and I should return the favour. So I did. Thank the dark lord, I did.” Horgan also tried to dodge the outing by saying she was “not feeling smart enough” to chat with Fisher’s pal Rushdie, but Fisher waved off the excuse. “So we met and chatted and laughed and Gary (her dog) farted while Carrie handed out presents (me, an antique cocktail stick holder; Salman, a pair of chocolate t-ts),” said Horgan. “When he popped to the loo, Carrie said: ‘See? Isn’t he fun? Do you like him?’ Of course I did. But what I liked more was that she cared enough to make sure I was having fun.” Horgan continued, “And that was her wont. If she felt that she was talking about herself too much, she would say: ‘Wait! What about you? We haven’t talked about you.'” The Catastrophe star and writer, 46, called Fisher’s comments “always entertaining and wise and scattershot and full of quips and quotes with a dash of subliminal therapy.” But that was partially due to the complexity of Fisher’s life. “There was pain there, and responsibility, and her own demons,” Horgan wrote. “It added up to a head full of aggravation, as well as incredible anecdotes. I asked her when she ever got to have a moment of normal. She pointed at me and then back at herself on the sofa and said: ‘Doing this.’ ”  

Ryan Reynolds Is Open to Finding a Boyfriend for Deadpool

When we last saw Deadpool in the 20th Century Fox tentpole last spring, he was happily in love with his girlfriend Vanessa (played by Morena Baccarin). But as Marvel’s first pansexual superhero, known to flirt with both men and women, star Ryan Reynolds isn’t counting out a boyfriend for his spandex-wearing superhero in future “Deadpool” installments.

Chris Pratt on finding success: ‘I believe in God and the divine’

Chris Pratt may have been saved because people wanted to save a few bucks. In an interview with Vanity Fair, the affable actor credits his family and, oddly, coupons for making him a star.