VIDEO: Danish Girl’s Vikander: ‘Gender is fluid’

Alicia Vikander stars alongside Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl.

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I Knew Gene Kelly. Donald Trump Is No Gene Kelly

In the Washington Post blog “PostPartisan,” Jonathan Capehart describes Donald Trump as “the Big Apple billionaire” who “gleefully dances through the nativist, racist, misogynistic slop as if he were Gene Kelly in ‘Singing [sic] in the Rain.”

Donald Trump’s toxic comments about immigrants and women are completely counter to the spirit of my late husband Gene Kelly and his brilliantly-conceived and executed dance numbers. A true Renaissance man, Gene grasped the complexities of our cultural heritage. He spoke multiple languages, had a firm understanding of history, literature, economics (his major in college), politics and of our fundamental human rights.

A child of the Depression, Gene grew up in a lower middle class neighborhood in Pittsburgh that he described as “polyglot,” with surnames ranging from Goldvarg, Lefkowitz, Litschge, Magidson, Madden, Edmonson, Tillery, Quinn, Klein, and Snee. His own father emigrated from Canada, his grandfather from Ireland. His grandmother’s family, according to lore, joined Charles Carroll of Carrollton in the more Catholic-tolerant colony of Maryland. His mother was a progressive advocate for women’s rights, who, despite WWI fears of all things German, believed in early education and sent her young children to “kindergarten.”

An Irish Catholic, Gene felt the sting of prejudice for his religion as the Klan burned crosses on the hillsides to protest Al Smith’s campaign in 1928 and fraternities excluded him from membership. Rebuffed in high school and college because of his economic status, he saw himself as an “outcast,” a feeling that governed his actions — including his choreography and unique style of dance — his entire life. Knowing what it was like to be at the bottom of the heap, he repeatedly stood against discrimination, and always rooted for the underdog and those less fortunate than he.

Not only would Gene be appalled by Trump’s deplorable words and actions, he would be stricken that such depravity could be tolerated — and, sadly, even celebrated — in a race for President of the United States.

Mr. Capehart is spot on in his assessment of Trump’s destructive “deviancy” and, surely, he intended Gene no slight. I only wish he had found a more suitable simile for Mr. Trump and his “slop” than to link him with one of the brightest and most decent artists of the 20th century; a man of great integrity who devoted his life to creating a particularly American art form that now, more than 60 years later, continues to bring joy around the world.

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Export bar on rare St Luke painting

The government has placed an export bar on a rare painting of St Luke Drawing the Virgin and Child by artist Dieric Bouts.

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After Paris, the Show Must Go on. Broadway at White House Kristen Chenoweth, Gloria Estefan, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber


Photo ©2015 Anna Wilding, Carpe Diem Films, LLC., and Herald de Paris. May Not be Used without Permission

At The White House

There is a very important saying in theater: “The show must go on.” It is the inevitability of this fact that First Lady Michelle Obama and the White House were faced with, when Paris was mercilessly attacked on November 13th, three days before a pre-planned event Broadway at the White House, that welcomed students from high school performing art programs across the country for workshops and musical performance by some of the most well known stars of Broadway and beyond.

The event, itself designed to inspire, motivate, and share with the students the history of Broadway, and the craft of theater. The importance of the event happening just a few days after such a brutal and unprovoked attack on innocent civilians was not lost on Michelle Obama who, on two separate occasions, delivered moving tributes and, at the end of the day, a moment of silence in memory of the attacks.

Herald de Paris recorded these and you can see the clip and the First Lady’s moving remarks where she stressed that, “As my husband said on Friday, this was an attack not just on France, our dear friend and oldest ally, but on all of humanity and our shared values. So as we mourn, we must continue to shine a light on the strength of those shared values and hopes. That’s what events like this are about, about inspiring our next generation. It’s about sharing America’s proud cultural legacy with people from all walks of life across this country. I think Lorraine Hansberry, the first African-American woman to write a Broadway show, put it best when she spoke to a group of young artists and told them, simply, “This nation needs your gifts.”


Photo ©2015 Anna Wilding, Carpe Diem Films, LLC., and Herald de Paris .May Not be Used without Permission Noted filmmaker Anna Wilding photographed Broadway musical stars at the White House. Ms. Wilding is an award winning director, writer, producer, and actor, in feature film and music videos. She is also a veteran still photographer. Orignally published in Herald de Paris @annawilding

This story originally published in Herald de Paris.

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Celebrity-Branded Foods You Can Buy When Patti LaBelle’s Pies Are Sold Out

Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pies are the talk of the town, but since they’re flying off the shelves, here are some celebrity-branded alternatives.

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VIDEO: Veteran Bollywood star: ‘I feel 30’

Bollywood singing star Asha Bhosle says although she is now 82-years-old, she feels 30 inside.

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Khloe Kardashian’s Reasoning for Putting Divorce on Pause Isn’t Nearly as Romantic as You Thought

Following a brief Twitter rant, Khloe Kardashian explains why she withheld divorce papers amidst Lamar Odom’s hospitalization.

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