Spotify is testing a ‘driving mode’ for fewer distractions

Now that we've all got streaming, on-demand music in the car with our phones, it's hard not to want to fiddle with our playlists while driving. Obviously, messing with your device on the road is as bad as texting, though. As reported on The Verge, Sp…

Autotalks brings motorcycles into the conversation

V2B in action Autotalks has been developing technologies that allow vehicles to talk to anything — V2X, to the nerds in the know. It’s one of the technologies that will enable fully autonomous vehicles to roam our roads. But where does that leave motorcycles, which will still have riders who rely on interactions with human drivers? That’s where B2V, or bike to vehicle, technology comes in. Read More

Scribble Crawler

Scribble Crawler

Scribble Crawler Scribble Crawler features funny scribble graphics and a challenging gameplay concept. rnDrive fast, but make sure you release the throttle in time, because you will get a rnpenalty for jumping. Finish the Cup, consisting of 4 stages, as fast as possible with rnone of the 4 possible trucks!

Proterra wants to build autonomous vehicles for public transit

The company that built an electric bus capable of driving 350 miles before needing a recharge wants to take public transit to the next level: autonomous driving. Working with the University of Nevada, Proterra has launched an autonomous driving progr…

The Engadget Podcast Ep 33: Losing My Edge

Managing editor Dana Wollman and host Terrence O'Brien are joined by a new face on this week's episode: social media manager Evan Rodgers. They'll talk about Engadget's Adult Week — a collection of articles about growing up in the digital age. Sure,…

I don’t know how to drive and I may never have to learn

Whenever I'm hanging out with friends from out of state and I pull out my New York state ID, there's always a bit of confusion: "What is that? Is it like a driver's license? Is that valid? Can you fly with that? Why don't you just get a real license?…

Uber drivers no longer need other mapping apps

Few of us think about the driver experience when we hail an Uber. We open the app, summon a car and then clamber into the backseat, peering at our phones or talking to friends until we arrive at our destination. But for a trip to work seamlessly, it'…

Downhill Drifting

Downhill Drifting

Downhill Drifting If you are a drifting games lover, you will defenetly like this game called “Downhill Drifting”. rnYou will have the opportunity to drift against 3 other professional drifters and you have to be onrn the first or second place in order to pass to the following level. rn You have to complete 3 levels to complete the game. Good Luck!rn