Chris Evans Is Bashful and Beautiful After Being Asked If He’s Dating Lily Collins

Chris Evans, who may have still been slightly Drunky Brewster from filming Jimmy Kimmel Live, was asked by Entertainment Tonight if he is, as the rumors say, off the market. His adorable sputtering speaks volumes about whether he’s truly dating Mirror, Mirror star and daughter of Phil Collins, Lily Collins.

Evans and Collins have been rumored to be dating since last month when they were spotted at dinner together. Evans previously dated Minka Kelly and Collins was once linked with Zac Efron. He didn’t say no, but he didn’t say yes, which means you still have a chance.

Captain America takes us behind the scenes of his 2014 film, Snowpiercer.

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Shonda Rhimes Doesn’t Want to Answer Your Questions About Diversity Anymore

Shonda Rhimes Diversity

When people talk about Shonda Rhimes, way too often, they have to qualify her success with the fact that she is a woman of color. And she’s over it.

While accepting her induction into the National Association of Broadcasters’ Hall of Fame, Rhimes spoke out against the idea that she should be treated as revolutionary for including all races, genders, sexual orientations, etc. Because that’s just how the world is and how it should be.

In Shondaland, our shows look like how the world looks. Everyone can see themselves when they turn on the TV on Thursday nights on ABC. To me that was not some difficult brave special decision I made. It was a human one, because I am a human. It wasn’t something we had to bravely fight for, because ABC is also full of humans. This is not the Jim Crow south. We’re not ignorant, so why wouldn’t we [cast that way]? I still can’t believe I get asked about it all the time, as if being normal, TV looking like the normal world, is an innovation.

Rhimes doesn’t feel like she was brave to cast her shows the way she has, just human. “It was a human one, because I am a human,” she explained. “It wasn’t something we had to bravely fight for, because ABC is also full of humans.”

Of course, Rhimes has made her feelings about this matter well known. Let’s never forget her reaction to that moronic Deadline article that asked if all the trendy diversity on TV would make things hard for white people.

But that’s not to say Rhimes isn’t happy she’s helped open a door for women of color in the industry, something that will be celebrated by next month’s “Game Changers” issue of Essence. Rhimes shares the cover with Ava DuVernay, Debbie Allen, Mara Brock-Akil, and Issa Rae.


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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Were Asked to Be Ambassadors of Jerusalem

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West not only traveled to Israel to have North baptized for a second time, they also dabbled in politics.

The Gossip Table reports that the two had dinner with mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat and his wife Beverly. Barkat reportedly wants the two to be ambassadors of Jerusalem and spread the message that the city is open and everyone is welcome. During the trip, Nori had her second baptism at Saint James’ Cathedral in Jerusalem’s Armenian quarter. (We know with this family, one time isn’t enough for such occasions.) The family previously visited Armenia in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide.


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Actors You Forgot Tried Rapping

Anne Hathaway Rapping Conan

Anne Hathaway just killed Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” on Lip Sync Battle, but did you know she has a hip-hop past? Hathaway busted out her own rap during an appearance on Conan in 2011 (“in the style of Lil Wayne“) — and she’s not the first actor to spit rhymes. Tom Hanks and Gwyneth Paltrow have each tried it (for better or for worse), and Brian Austin Green and Scott Caan have both had underwhelming music careers. See, the beauty of hearing actors rap is that you never truly know what you’re going to get. We’ve know what happens when rappers make the move to TV and film, but here are all of the stars you forgot tried to bust a rhyme for real.

Anne Hathaway‘s Paparazzi Rap, 2011

Yes, the same girl who played Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries rapped about bitches and crotches on Conan. Why throw a punch at the paps when you can spit a verse?

Tom Hanks and Dan Aykroyd “City of Crime,” 1987

This video for an original song off the Dragnet soundtrack proves white dudes can groove.

Tom Hardy’s Freestyle, 2011

Tom Hardy not only rapped like a beast, but he did it with his son Louis in a BabyBjorn. Are your ovaries still intact?

Eddie Murphy “Boogie In Your Butt,” 1982

Featured on the actor’s Grammy nominated self-titled standup comedy album.

Brian Austin Green “You Send Me,” 1996

The Beverly Hills, 90210 had a single, as well as a WHOLE ALBUM. It was called One Stop Carnival and to many who heard it, Green sounded like a clown.

Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow on Chelsea Lately, 2012

MC Gwyneth Paltrow and DJ Jazzy Cameron Diaz poked fun at their pal Chelsea Handler through the art of rap.

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Jason Biggs Thinks It’s Irresponsible for Trevor Noah to Be Judged by a Few Bad Tweets

Jason Biggs is here to warn us all about being a douchebag on Twitter. When I say us, I mostly mean Jon Stewart’s Daily Show replacement, Trevor Noah.

Shortly after getting the Daily Show gig, Noah received flack for his offensive tweets.

Stewart has defended his successor, but what does someone who’s also received heat for controversial tweets think about the whole thing? “The idea of reducing one’s views of the world to a couple of joke tweets is not great. It’s very short-sided and ultimately, irresponsible,” Biggs said on Big Morning Buzz Live today. The actor is rooting for Noah and says he “likes” that Stewart is in his corner. Watch the full interview above.

The known Bachelor fan also gave his two cents on Chris Soules, who Biggs believes “was a better dancer [on Dancing With the Stars] than he was a bachelor, and that’s not saying a lot.”

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The Greatest ‘Saturday Night Live’ Hillary Clinton Moments

Hillary Clinton Greatest SNL Moments

This weekend, Hillary Clinton finally announced what we’ve been waiting for: that she will be running for president in the 2016 election. To celebrate, we’ve gathered some of the best Saturday Night Live sketches, featuring Amy Poehler and Kate McKinnon as the presidential hopeful herself. And these SNL moments are more like Hilarious Clinton (I’m sorry I did that; it’s out of my system now).

Hillary Clinton SNL

“CITIZENS! You will elect me! I will be your leader!” should really be her campaign slogan.

Who could ever forget the coming together of our two greatest political minds! Well, one great political mind and one talking Bump-it.

She’s a sore loser — don’t disappoint her!

She even knows how to work the White House furnace already. That’s experience you can trust.

Whatever happens, she’s got a better job than governor of Alaska.

We finally have a visit from the Real Hil Shady herself!

And in what should honestly be Hillary’s rally cry for those who think her a bitch, Amy and Tina said it best: bitches get stuff done. Go Hillary.

Nick Lachey, Michelle Buteau, and the Big Morning Buzz Live crew discuss Hillary’s decision to run for president.

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Dennis Quaid’s Explicit On-Set Rant Will Make You Fear for Your Life

Dennis Quaid lost his cool on the set of an unknown movie and TMZ has the terrifying NSFW video. The actor verbally attacks his co-workers, and after a few seconds of watching, you, too, will feel personally victimized by The Parent Trap star.

“What the f—, keep going! I am acting here, and this d—head wanders on to my set,” he screams. “I can’t even get a line out until dopey the d— starts whispering in your ear, you’re not even watching anymore.” An unidentified man chimed in in attempts to calm him down, which didn’t go over well. “I am a pro! This is the most unprofessional set I have ever been on! This is horse s—!” He then proceeded to call everyone on set “pussies” and “zombies” before a door closed.

Is this a joke? Or has the actor officially lost touch with reality? If this is real, Annie would be appalled.

annie gi

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Rita Wilson Has Breast Cancer and Underwent a Double Mastectomy

Rita Wilson Tom Hanks

Well this is sad. Rita Wilson has revealed to People that she has breast cancer and recently underwent a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

I have taken a leave from the play Fish in the Dark to deal with a personal health issue. Last week, with my husband by my side, and with the love and support of family and friends, I underwent a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction for breast cancer after a diagnosis of invasive lobular carcinoma. I am recovering and most importantly, expected to make a full recovery. Why? Because I caught this early, have excellent doctors and because I got a second opinion.

A second opinion may have saved the actress’s life. She had two biopsies recently and the pathology came back with no sign of cancer — but something told her to get checked again. That test found invasive lobular carcinoma. “I share this to educate others that a second opinion is critical to your health. You have nothing to lose if both opinions match up for the good, and everything to gain if something that was missed is found, which does happen,” she says. “Early diagnosis is key.”

Hi all. There is some news I want to share with you in hopes that if you or any woman you know is dealing with this that…

Posted by Rita Wilson on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wilson credits her husband, Tom Hanks, her family, friends, and support system for getting her through this troubling time. Our thoughts are with you, Rita!

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