Busiest movie actors of 2016

Never let anyone tell you acting isn't hard work. While it may not be a regular 9-5 gig, actors can find themselves away on location shooting a film for months at a time, separated from family and friends, all while also having to promote the films they made months prior all while on a break from whatever job they're currently on. Given how long it can take to shoot a film, it's actually pretty amazing in-demand actors can work more than a couple projects a year. Despite all that, an actor's primary goal in life is to be a working actor, so it's no surprise that some of your favorite performers go for the gusto, so to speak, because who knows when an A-lister can slide to B or C level just because they found themselves out of the public eye and out of theaters. In 2016, 20 performers kept themselves busier than most, all logging at least four films in a year. Of course some of these performances could've been filmed years in advance, but of the following, these are the hardest working actors in the business, and for the first time in a number of years, Samuel L. Jackson did not make the list. Without further ado, enjoy our countdown of the 20 actors who put in the most work in 2016. The actor who comes in at number one might just surprise you.

Poland says final ‘no’ to Polanski’s extradition

Poland's supreme court upheld on Tuesday an earlier district court verdict that Oscar-winning filmmaker Roman Polanski cannot be extradited to the United States over a 1977 child sex conviction.

‘Jerry Maguire’ stars: Where are they now?

<p>With the 1996 film "Jerry Maguire" recently marking its 20th anniversary, we take a look at&nbsp;what the stars of this iconic film are up to now.</p>

Box office: ‘Moana’ tops weekend

“Moana” sailed to the top of the domestic box office for the second consecutive weekend. The Disney animated adventure picked up $28.4 million to push its stateside haul to $119.9 million. Not that “Moana” faced much in the way of competition. The weekend after Thanksgiving tends to be a slow one for the movie business

Hollywood outraged over ‘Last Tango’ confession

Chris Evans, Jessica Chastain and more have spoken out about a recently resurfaced interview in which Bernardo Bertolucci admitted Maria Schneider wasn't made aware of the crucial scene prior to the day of shooting.