Apple Adds A New Entry-Level iMac For $1,099

 Apple has a new iMac model today, an entry-level machine that brings the price of entry to the all-in-one desktop to $1,099, or $200 less than was the case just yesterday. The new version has a 1.4 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of me…

The Best News-Reading App, Reeder 2, Returns To Mac

reeder For all five of us who still prefer managing our own news-reading experience through a dedicated RSS reader application, there’s good news out today: One of the best news readers on the market, Reeder 2, has finally returned to the Mac. The Mac application had been unavailable for nearly a year, following the shutdown of Google Reader, because it was built on top of the search… Read More

Apple Reflects On The Mac At 30 With New Video And Website Retrospective

mac-at-30Apple is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Mac with a new video and microsite released today featuring some fond remembrances of the machines over the years from creative professionals including Moby, artist April Greiman, photographer Jon Stanmeyer and more. The site features use cases exemplified by some of the best creative, educational and scientific professionals of the past 30 years, attaching a renowned face to each generation of new hardware from the original Macintosh all the way up to the brand new Mac Pro. There’s also an interactive element to the site, with a section called “Your First Mac” where Apple asks visitors to tell them about their own first experience with a Cupertino computer, featuring a brief quiz where you select your inaugural introduction to Macintosh and then choose from a list of general activities you used said machine for. For me, the first Mac I actually owned all to myself was 2005′s eMac, which I bought used and which had been modified by the local authorized Mac shop to have the power button up front instead of hidden all the way round back of that deep CRT. Apple seems to be tabulating that input in real-time on the site, and is displaying a running breakdown of the most popular first Mac models and what percentage of visitors were using said machines. There’s also a slider that lets you see, depending on which year you’re looking at, what first-time Mac users were mostly doing on their hardware: Early on, there’s a lot of educational use and desktop publishing, but ‘Internet & Email’ starts taking over in the mid-90s as you might expect and remains dominant right through to today. If you are or have been a Mac user at any time during the past three decades, the site’s bound to trigger some nostalgia, and even if you aren’t, you’ll get a glimpse into why this computing pioneer has managed to invoke so much devotion from its fans, and why Apple executives told MacWorld that the “Mac keeps going forever.”

Apple’s New Mac Pro In Pictures: Beauty And The Beast

Like looking into a jet engine turbine.Apple has a brand new Mac Pro with an all-new, bold design that’s assembled at home in the U.S. in a facility in Texas. It’s easily among the most bold and unique designs of a Mac in recent memory, bringing to mind equally mould-busting creations like the G4 Cube and the original ‘flowerpot’ iMac. It’s also got a distinctly Darth Vader vibe, and with its unique removable outer casing, that impression comes across even stronger.

Apple’s Mac Pro Is Now Available, Max One Out Now With A 4K Display For Over $13K

mac-proApple is now selling its new U.S.-assembled Mac Pro via its online store, as announced yesterday in a press release. The pro-targeted computer starts at $2,999, but with custom options and maxed out specification, plus a single Sharp 4K display which also went on sale this morning, you can spend as much as $13,194.00. And let’s be honest, you’re going to want at least two 4K displays, so bump that up to $16,789.