Here’s Apple Pay In Action

IMG_4157 Apple has revealed its mobile payments play, and it features NFC and Touch ID, as many expected. The system works as fast as they joked it did on stage – which is why in our demo we ran through a number of different payment scenarios. Read More

Hands On With The Apple Watch

IMG_4166 Apple’s wearable strategy is out there, and the way they’re looking to distance themselves from the crowd is by introducing a smooth, highly usable interface with unique control mechanisms, and creating a device that embraces apps and features beyond notifications, but in a way that makes sense for a small-screened device. The Apple Watch also cozies up to mobile payments, with NFC… Read More

Amazon Games Studios Launches Its First Gaming App On iTunes

A1gOfv1VWpL Amazon has just made another move that indicates the company is taking its expansion into mobile gaming more seriously than just a way to tout how it, too, has “exclusive” content to offer via the Amazon Fire TV. For the first time, Amazon has launched a mobile gaming app on Apple’s App Store. But before you get all worked up, we have to point out that the new app, Sev… Read More

Apple Explores Augmented Reality Navigation For iPhones

flyover_hero Apple has two new patent applications out today (via AppleInsider) that show it’s been working on boosting the iPhone’s navigation abilities with augmented reality features. The patent describes a way that the iPhone could use its camera in combination with on-device software to generate virtual maps of your surroundings, which are overlaid on a real feed, and which can do things… Read More

A 12.9″ iPad Could Make 2015 The Year iOS Breaks The Mobile Mold

ipad-air-vs-ipad-mini A new Apple iPad is in development, according to Bloomberg, with a 12.9-inch display that adds around 3-inches to the size of the iPad Air in terms of diagonal screen dimensions. Such a device would be a lot larger than Apple’s current top tablet overall, and is apparently already gearing up for a production run starting in the first quarter of 2015. We’ve long heard rumors about… Read More

Apple Leads in Accessibility, But Can Third-Party Developers Follow?

apple accessibility Buried deeply within her mostly “provocative and poorly reported” story for Reuters on Apple and accessibility, author Christina Farr offers a nugget of truth: third-party apps on the App Store need to be much better at being inclusively designed. The concern is a legitimate one, as the tendency — albeit naturally — is for Apple and other developers to make iOS and its… Read More

Asana Doubles Down On Mobile, Releases New iOS App

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 8.36.00 AM Asana, a company that provides collaboration tools to corporations and groups, today released a unified iOS application for iPhone and iPad. As other companies have in recent quarters, Asana built its new iOS app using native code. (The app is due to land in the app store at any moment, so if you don’t see it in the App Store, hang tight.) The firm has an Android app similar to its new… Read More