iOS Apps Can Now Be Twice As Big

Qwerky Keyboard Speeds Up Typing Emoji On iOS

 Qwerky, another keyboard contender, has launched on iOS hoping to convince teens to shell out a few bucks for an app that gives them quick fire access to the characters that matter most in their texting life: emoji. Read More

Apple’s Well-Crafted Vanishing Point

Edge comparison, 2011 MacBook Air and 2012 iMac It’s a standard Apple play to shave a few atoms off the waists of its gadgets come refresh time — allowing the company’s marketing department to crow about thinner flagships that also pack more power and boast better screens, or both. Read More

Apple Watch Companion App Features Said To Include Activity Reminders, Phone Unlock

apple watch A new leak of details from within the upcoming companion app for the Apple Watch claims to show some unannounced features we can expect from the wearable when it arrives sometime early this year. The dump of the app’s settings screens from 9to5Mac show panels that let users tweak how it handles Activity, Accessibility, Messages, Motion and Fitness and more on the watch, with plenty of… Read More

Why Is Apple Going To Have A Better Time Launching A Wearable?

apple0288 At some point in the next few months (“Early 2015″ can’t push much past March, can it?), Apple will release its Watch, likely defining the high end of the wearable category. The Apple Watch is, in hindsight, exactly what Apple would make when entering a new category: a general purpose computer trimmed down to the essentials needed for its particular form factor. It shares… Read More

Finish 3.0 Makes All Of The App’s Premium Features Free

Group Text+ Makes It Easy To Troll Your Family Over The Holidays

 Depending on your family dynamics, the holidays are either a magical time or the most stressful period of the year. For many, having a smartphone on hand gives a quick escape from dealing with drama, but it can also serve as a barrier to letting …

Apple Patents Reverse AirPlay For Streaming From Apple TV To iOS Devices

airplay_2x Apple has a new patent, awarded by the USPTO today (via AppleInsider), which details reverse AirPlay – beaming content from your Apple TV to your iOS device, instead of the other way around. The system details remote viewing for iOS and Apple TV device owners, and also allows for mirroring of the Apple TV interface on the iOS gadget’s screen; which actually helps explain why the… Read More