Microsoft Presses Ahead With Office For Android

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 12.03.08 PM Prepare another entry into your File Of No Surprise: Microsoft is moving ahead with its efforts to bring the highly lucrative Office franchise to Android tablets.
According to The Verge, Microsoft is currently prepping a private beta of the new software. A sign-up page has been mostly taken offline since the news broke.
A full Office suite for Android tablets is roughly as surprising as San… Read More

Security Researchers Uncover The Tools Governments Use To Spy On Our Phones

shutterstock_157028330 Edward Snowden, whistleblower of the decade, has made it consistently clear that he didn’t trust cellphones. While he never described the methods governments and other miscreants used to crack into our handsets, he maintained that eavesdroppers could hear us even if the phone seemed off and everything on our devices was open to a dedicated hacker. But he never said how it was done. Now… Read More

Apple Starts Letting Bitcoin Transfer Apps Back Into Its App Store

bitcoin wallet Apple’s Bitcoin freeze appears to be thawing fast, with bitcoin wallet apps that offer the ability to transfer BTC now filtering back into the App Store. The move was picked up by Coindesk yesterday which noted that the Coin Pocket BTC wallet app was back in the store. The Coin Pocket app allows users to send and receive bitcoin from an iOS device, as well as offering an in-app QR… Read More

Skype 5.0 For iPhone Brings All New Look And Big Performance Improvements

skype5 Microsoft’s Skype client for iPhone has been looking a little long in the tooth; the version that has been in the store until today is essentially still the same client they launched back in 2010, albeit replete with incremental updates along the way. Not so with the new Skype version 5.0, which is redesigned from the ground up, with major changes to the interface and navigation, and… Read More

Gillmor Gang: Action Items

Gillmor Gang Artcard The Gillmor Gang — Dan Farber, Kevin Marks, Semil Shah, Danny Sullivan, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor — played the latest favorite game of the Mobility Addicted. It’s called Lock Screen, and some of us think it’s where the early adopters meet the great unvarnished Silent Majority. Forget clicks or swipes or doing anything; it’s all about glancing. What this means is that social scientists… Read More