Space Age Is An Old-School Adventure Built For Mobile

Vainglory Review: A Solid MOBA On Your iPhone

Vainglory Now we’ve had a chance to actually try out Vainglory in real-world settings: on my apartment’s decent Wi-Fi setup and on an actual iPhone 6 Plus. As it turns out, the game is almost entirely successful at transferring to the the smaller form factor, with only a few minor gripes that can be addressed in future updates. Read More

Evernote Updates Its Penultimate App Following Criticism, Showing Tech Firms Do Listen

evernote Here’s a positive story about tech companies and their awareness of the outside world, just in case this week had you disillusioned. Evernote today issued a fix for its Penultimate digital handwriting app for the iPad that it hopes will end more than a week of frustration for its users. Read More

Google’s Maps App For iOS And Android Gets Material Design And Uber Estimates

 Google has updated Maps to keep with the visual theme introduced with Android 5.0 Lollipop, which it calls material design. The new mobile apps now feature bold headers of solid flat colors and animations that evoke pieces of paper sliding over o…

iCracked Technicians Have Made $6M This Year

iCracked You’d think that competing directly with Apple for its own customers would be a losing game, but iCracked’s iOS repair service continues to grow as Apple approaches 1 billion mobile devices sold — a threshold the company could pass this quarter. Read More

We Tried Out Apple Pay In The Real World

apple pay walgreens Apple released iOS 8.1 today, and with it comes the ability to use Apple Pay on the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. We decided to try it out by going to two nearby businesses that already accept Apple’s NFC-powered mobile payments: Walgreens and McDonald’s. Read More

Lyve’s New App Lets You Access All Your Photos And Videos From Any Device You Own

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 11.50.28 AM Accessing your entire photo and video collection from any device can still be a challenge today, especially if you have your media spread out across a variety of local hard drives as well as various cloud services where you have to pay for storage – potentially limiting how much of your collection is hosted online at any given time. Lyve Minds, which launched its first product –… Read More

Storehouse Arrives On The iPhone

 Storehouse, the 2014 Apple Design Award winning long-form photo-sharing service from former Apple designer Mark Kawano, has launched its app for the iPhone. This comes almost four months after the startup raised $7 million in A-series funding fro…