Leave It Up To A Parent To Get A Teen To Do Chores Through Pokémon Go

This a classic case of “Pokémon NOOOOOO.”

California teen Renzo Huamanchumo, an avid Pokémon Go player, shared a tweet showing how he was completely duped by his dear mother. According to the tweet, she had told him she had a Pikachu in her room for the taking. 

But when he got there, he quickly found out that there was no Pikachu to be found… 

Yup, instead of an adorable yellow creature, mom just had some dishes for the teen to bring down.

The tweet quickly went viral, serving as parenting inspiration for people who really admired the mom’s prank game. 

Huamanchumo explained that he had caught all the Pokémon in his area so when his mother said there was a Pikachu for the taking, the 16-year-old quickly hurried to catch it, BuzzFeed News reported. 

Well it’s clear Huamanchumo’s mom won this round. The next move’s yours, Renzo. 


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2 Replies to “Leave It Up To A Parent To Get A Teen To Do Chores Through Pokémon Go”

  1. Events will be organized in which clans can compete and maybe even capture rare Pokémon like we saw in the trailer when a crowd of people teamed up to capture Mewtwo!

  2. GO Pokemon is a game using augmented reality. It is being developed by Niantic, Inc. Start-up, a company founded by John Hankeco-creator of Google Earth.
    Niantic is known for its Ingress game that has been downloaded over 12 million times.

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