VIDEO: DiCaprio lurks at £11,400 phone launch

Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy turn up – but won’t talk – at the launch of a high-end, high-price smartphone.

7 of the Internet’s best animated 404 pages

androiddev101 Gone are the days where a humorous picture or phrase will get your site’s 404 page noticed. In a version of the Internet where GIFs are the new text and videos are the new photos, it’s going to take a lot more than a witty phrase to stand out amongst the crowd.
But, we were surprised to see that most sites still aren’t taking advantage of that valuable real estate. Read More

Not all startups need the bright lights of the big city

newhampshire In an office park overlooking a lake in Southern New Hampshire, Rajesh Mishra is working to change how cell networks are created. Rajesh and his company, Parallel Wireless, along with a dozen or so other nearby startups in Southern New Hampshire, are taking on a variety of challenges that face tech infrastructure that most people are not aware of, but impact our daily lives. Read More

French leader digs in as strike begins

President Francois Hollande of France insists that a controversial labour reform will not be withdrawn as strike action begins on the railways.

Asteroids ‘dumped water in molten Moon’

Water found deep in the Moon was delivered when icy asteroids splashed into magma oceans 4.3 billion years ago, a study suggests.