The Perfect Response To Science’s Sexist Approach To Women’s Bodies

“Hey Science! You invented the microwave 60 years ago so you could cook your hungry man steak dinners and you’re just now getting around to my body. Thanks Science!”

That’s how Olivia Gatwood began her hilarious and sharp spoken word poem “Hey, Science!“ Gatwood, a writer for Bustle and HelloFlo, is part of an interactive, feminist spoken word show called “Speak Like A Girl.” Her performance of ”Hey Science!” was posted to SlamFind poetry YouTube page last week. 

In the poem, Gatwood called out science for continually ignoring women’s bodies when it comes to education, sex and pleasure. ”Thanks Science for assuming that I like to fuck men,” Gatwood said. “Thanks Science for pretending that I haven’t been fucking myself the right way since 2004.” 

Women’s bodies are repeatedly ignored in classrooms and bedrooms around the world. Sex education classes often teach about male pleasure, but not female pleasure — perpetuating the myth that women should be ashamed of their sexuality

But guess what? Gatwood is over all that bullsh*t. 

She went on to call out science and the culture that perpetuates these harmful stereotypes and assumptions: 

“Hey Science how about you start hiring women instead of quoting Freud and calling it science?”

“Hey Science I need a health teacher that includes the clitoris in his lesson plan.”

“Hey Science I need a boyfriend that doesn’t consider masturbation a performance for him.”

Gatwood implores the scientific community to do better than its (almost all) forefathers have: ”How about you let go of the necessity of the penis, how about you stop colonizing the vagina and recognize it discovered you.”

Hell yes. 

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