Sofia Vergara Doesn’t Get Why Objectification Is Offensive

Can we just pretend this never happened? 

Sofia Vergara covers Net-a-Porter’s The Edit magazine this month and in the accompanying interview reveals she’s kind of OK with being treated as a sex object. 

“I’ve never understood why women get so offended [by being objectified]. I just don’t believe in all that drama, which is why I’ve made a whole joke out of it,” the “Modern Family” actress explained. “I am secure enough not to take it all that seriously, and I like to laugh at myself. My husband played a male stripper in ‘Magic Mike’ — do you think he was offended by [the objectification]? I thought it was hilarious.”

Yeah, because men and women totally have the same experiences in Hollywood, Sofia. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Vergara has stuck her foot in her mouth regarding sexism and objectification in the film industry. During a highly problematic gag at the 2014 Emmy’s, the 43-year-old actress was placed on a spinning pedestal to give viewers “something to look at” during the President of the Academy’s typically yawn-inducing speech. 

Totally funny, right? (…)

Vergara responded to critics who thought the bit was sexist, saying,”I think its absolutely the opposite … It means that somebody can be hot and also be funny and make fun of herself. I think it’s ridiculous that somebody started this — I know who she was — who has no sense of humor [and should] lighten up a little bit.”

Although Vergara refuses to give much weight to the damaging beauty standards in the film industry, she does admit she hates watching footage from early seasons of “Modern Family.” (Yeah, it gets worse.) 

“Watching myself age on screen is awful!” she told the mag. “There is nothing more disturbing than watching an episode of ‘Modern Family’ from the first season, then one from seven years later. It just makes me want to kill myself, but what can I do? I’ll be sad when the wolf whistles stop. I’m already sad that men have started calling me ‘Señora’. I get really p***** off: ‘What? It’s Señorita!’”


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