Descriptions Of Female Characters In Hollywood Scripts Are Hilarious

Ross Putman, a producer who’s worked on a few small films, is apparently looking for his next project. As he reads through script after script, he’s taken to tweeting out descriptions of female characters he comes across. 

I can’t look away.

Sure, it’s screenwriting convention to tap out concisely worded character descriptions. Screenwriters know their readers are almost certainly pressed for time, so best to get to the point! But seeing all of these lady characters represent thinly veiled versions of the same boring tropes — the hot girl who dresses tragically badly, the hot girl who is surprisingly smart, the hot girl who used to be more hot but is still pretty hot – is really something. 

Putman says he’s copied the descriptions verbatim aside from the characters’ names, which he’s changed to JANE:

If there was still any doubt that sexism in Hollywood is everyone’s problem — from lowly writers to big studio chairpeople — Putman’s Twitter feed is clear evidence to the contrary.

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