Be who you really are. The Wishmaker Simonetta Lein meets actress Candis Cayne.

“You are unique exactly for who you are, beautiful for what you stand for, powerful for how your thoughts can impact the world through you actions. Do not forget it.” – Simonetta Lein

A few months ago, my publicist called to say that she had sent my questions for “The Wishmaker” interviews to a very cool celebrity who might consider supporting my work and foundation. She was rather mysterious about it and told me that I had to wait to find out who this person was until he or she agreed to participate.

I am “The Wishmaker”, and I fight alongside the Wishwall Foundation every day to help meaningful wishes come true. I’ve been privileged with the ability to tell impactful stories through The Wishwall Foundation, providing hope and leading others to think and act from a place of empowerment. This “mystery celebrity” evidently appreciated this concept and agreed to respond to my interview questions; I was thrilled to discover that this individual was actress, performance artist and transgender activist Candis Cayne. I almost fainted, not only as she has recently been all over the media due to her relationship with Caitlyn Jenner and her role on I am Cait, but because of how truly impactful she is. I thought how powerful our interview could be for someone who is still in search of themselves and does not have the strength or support to accept his or her true identity!


This woman is an idol to me as she has serious guts. In 2007, Cayne landed a role on ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money as the first openly transgender actor in a recurring role on a primetime series. I can only imagine how hard it must have been for her to pursue a career in Hollywood, where roles are practically non-existent and stereotyping is prevalent. Candis’ courage, persistence and integrity paved the way for actors like Laverne Cox to have A-list careers and award winning shows like Transparent and Orange is the New Black to air. I have read Candis say how difficult it was making her transition on her own, which is one of the reasons, I believe, she chose to take part in I am Cait: to help Caitlyn Jenner through her transition and inspire others, dealing with gender identity issues, to not fear being true to themselves. Anyone with the bravery and determination to overcome unimaginable obstacles in order to live their life in truth is good in my book.

When you were a child, did you wish for the career and for the life that you have manifested today?

C.C. Ever since I was probably 11 years old, I wanted to be an actress and dancer although I had no idea of how far I could take it! I feel blessed that I have been able to live my ultimate dream.

**It’s amazing how I keep discovering that the majority of celebrities I meet knew exactly what they wanted to be at a young age. That’s why I consistently try and inspire my readers to stay focused on manifesting their future. Be careful what you wish for as it may just come true!

Name a wish that you had for your life or for humanity that finally came true.

C.C. To live in a world that is finally starting to grasp the idea of tolerance for all, no matter who or what you are.

**As she says, it’s a concept that so many are still trying to grasp. It is so important that people have the courage to stand up for themselves and others and defend their freedom of ideals and expression without consequence.

If you were granted one wish for humanity or for our planet, what would it be?

C.C. I wish to live in a sustainable world that treats our environment with respect applied to food and energy, and of course, peace between nations.

**She touches upon a very important theme. As human beings, it is crucial that we continuously remind each other that every action matters, that everything we can do to live in a sustainable world is crucial and that it all starts from our individual and daily lives.

If you could go back in time and ask one question from anyone from history, who would you want to meet and what question would you ask?

C.C. I’d want to go visit Michelangelo because I find him to be the most inspired artist. I would ask him what he saw for the future of art and beauty.

**I was actually surprised by this answer. I am Italian, Michelangelo is deeply embedded in my history and culture and I would ask him the very same thing. It would be fascinating to learn his perspective of our modern society, being that he was so incredibly inspired and influential.

Please tell me what influences your unique sense of style?

C.C.I love to dress with many designers in mind. I used to live in NYC for fifteen years which helped cultivate my personal sense of style. I love a mix of old and new vintage and high end.

**I’m with you Candis! Vintage all the way! I love asking questions about fashion as an individual’s sense of style can give tremendous insight into who they are as a person.

Who is your favorite fashion designer or brand right now and why?

C.C. I guess of all time it would be the Tom Ford for Gucci era, but for an evening splash I’d go to Donatella Versace for her sense of what a woman ought to be.

What is your fashion mantra?

Less is less. More is more!

**All that remains is to get a selfie with you Candis! I truly thank you so much being such an inspiration. To quote a song : “You are beautiful, no matter who you are.” To all my readers and dreamers: make your wishes come true!

From Philadelphia, Simonetta Lein The Wishmaker


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