Arianna Huffington Makes The Case For Baby Photos Over Free Guac

Which brings you more joy: seeing a photo of your coworker’s new baby or realizing that you weren’t charged for the extra guac on your burrito? 

That’s one of the tough questions Huffington Post founder and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington answered on ”The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” during the show’s Friday Night Fights segment. If you were tempted to say the free guacamole (because, c’mon… avocados), Huffington makes a pretty good case for the baby photos.

“I get the advantage of free guacamole, but then the guilt comes in. What if they find me out? What if the poor guy or girl who forgot to charge me for the guacamole gets fired? And the ultimate fear, what if I end up going to Hell because of that?” she asked, adding later, “I personally have never seen an ugly baby, but I have seen plenty of ugly brown guacamole.”

Spoken like a true former captain of the Cambridge University debate team. 

And in a matchup between Mozart with his magic flute and Beethoven wielding a machete, Huffington stuck with Mozart. 

“I always go for magic,” she said. “I mean, would you go with Harry Potter versus the Muggle? I would always go with Harry Potter.”

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