Smart Wireless Router eero Gains FCC Approval, But Delays Product Due To Manufacturing Challenges

4AK6vnp1lkDpc25mq3XChtoiSw0tcXotcVBIhoe27F8,ZtSSYJLYyPIqqPO31dd2XIaIUjQn1TTihjpaTRJEkuk,BCrKD3ATtiop8wJJ4HUqW8gYjjDhJD2puDXdu-rLvnw Wireless router startup eero had several announcements for its supporters this morning, including an official FCC approval, and a delay in shipment of its product to early next year.  The company also disclosed it had raised somewhere in the neighborhood of $35 million in funding from Playground Global, Redpoint Ventures and Shasta Ventures. The startup didn’t want to talk… Read More

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