News: Lindsey Graham Gazes Longingly At Happy Rubio Campaign Workers Through Window

MANCHESTER, NH—Reportedly cupping his hands around his eyes for a better look at the cheerful volunteers inside, presidential hopeful Lindsey Graham gazed longingly into the window of fellow candidate Marco Rubio’s bustling New Hampshire campaign headquarters Thursday.

Graham, who was taking an evening walk alone through the neighborhood, is believed to have been drawn to the bright light and sound of good-natured conversation coming from the office, stopping around 6 p.m. to peer in at the active, joyful staff members as they made phone calls, stuffed envelopes, or huddled together for quick, impromptu meetings.

“Wow, look at all of them in there,” said the South Carolina senator, his face breaking into a smile as he watched a cluster of eager-looking young interns sort through plastic mail bins full of what appeared to be campaign donations. “All of them look so busy. They must have a lot to …

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