VIDEO: Capturing yoga’s twists and turns

A new photography book brings together over a decade of photography dedicated to yoga and its greatest practitioners around the world.

Goodbye To Holga, The Wacky Camera Blast From The Past

holga3 The Holga is a medium format mechanical toy camera that became a fan favorite when it was launched in 1981. Now, thirty-four years later, the company that currently makes the camera has closed up shop and has thrown away all of the tooling. “There is nothing available for sale,” said the manufacturer. Freestyle Photograph Services announced the death in a blog post.… Read More

News in Brief: NRA Visits Colorado Police Evidence Room To Check Up On Rifle Used In Planned Parenthood Shooting

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—After learning that the gun had been involved in a violent attack that left three dead, National Rifle Association representatives reportedly visited the Colorado Springs Police Department evidence room Monday to check up on the semi-automatic rifle used in Friday’s Planned Parenthood shooting. “It’s a little shaken up, but it should be okay—thank God,” said NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre, who appeared visibly distressed while kneeling down next to the assault-style rifle and gently placing his hand on the stock. “I’ve just been worried sick since I heard about the incident. It looks like it was dropped pretty hard, and it’s barely got any bullets left, but at least it’s resting safely now. I might just sleep here tonight to keep an eye on it.” LaPierre told reporters that he would do everything he could to help the rifle return …

NI abortion law ‘breaches human rights’

The High Court in Belfast rules abortion legislation in Northern Ireland is in breach of human rights laws.

How to Install Gitlab with PostgreSQL and Nginx on Ubuntu 15.04

Gitlab is a web-based git repository management application written on Ruby. It is similar to GitHub and includes features like a project wiki and issue tracking system. In this tutorial, I will guide you step by step trough the installation of Gitlab CE with PostgreSQL as the database system, and Nginx as the web server on Ubuntu 15.04 version. We will use Ruby version 2.x.x, gitlab stable version 8.x.

Five million affected by Vtech hack

Toy and educational material seller Vtech has revealed five million customers were affected by a hack of its app database and has also suspended 13 websites.

Stewart hopes Rosberg can take title off Hamilton

ABU DHABI (Reuters) – Jackie Stewart, Britain’s first and until this season only triple Formula One world champion, would like to see Germany’s Nico Rosberg take the title off Mercedes team mate Lewis Hamilton in 2016.