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We weren’t able to make into the studio again, but a week without a new episode of the Engadget Podcast is hardly a week at all, right? Tim’s still a traveling man, but he finally picked up a PlayStation Vita for entertainment on the move. Tune in to find out if he likes it and get a recap of the week’s tech news, including the tastiest tidbits from D11. Stream the audio below and find the video version embedded past the break.

Hosts: Tim Stevens, Peter Rojas

Producer: Joe Pollicino

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Ask A VC: Freestyle’s Dave Samuel On The Secrets To A Great Co-Founder Partnership And More


In this week’s Ask A VC episode, Freestyle Capital’s Dave Samuel joined us in the studio to discuss his investment philosophies and more.

Samuel also talked about how and why his co-founder relationship with Josh Felser has been so successful. The duo co-founded Spinner (acquired by AOL for $320 million), and Grouper (acquired by Sony for $65 million). In 2011, Fesler and Samuel formally launched Freestyle Capital, which makes investments in early-stage startups.

Check out the video above for more!

Critic’s Notebook: InsightALT, a Festival of Operas in Progress

Audience participation and expert advice make new operas stronger, according to the American Lyric Theater, which uses the InsightALT festival as a developmental tool.


Sexy Aliens? Watch The CW’s New Trailer For ‘Star-Crossed’

If you haven’t gotten your fill of sexy human versus supernatural hook ups, you’re going to want to check out The CW’s new midseason show, “Star-Crossed,” featuring your average high school alien and the human teen who falls in love with him.

American Voices: 13-Year-Old Wins National Spelling Bee On Word ‘Knaidel’

After coming in third place the past two years, 13-year-old Arvind Mahankali won the Scripps National Spelling Bee last night on the word “knaidel,” a German-derived Yiddish word that means matzo ball.

LOOK: You Won’t Believe How Strong She Is!

We wouldn’t want to get on this bride’s bad side!

Maggi Clarke channeled her inner Sith Lord at her May 2013 wedding by putting the groomsmen in a Force choke a la Darth Vader. Check out the awesome photo below:

Photo by Ryan S. Burkett

Photographer Ryan S. Burkett told The Huffington Post that the idea to take the “Star Wars”-inspired photo came from the groom, Rob Clarke, who had taken a similar photo with his best man on his cellphone earlier that week .

“I’m a huge ‘Star Wars’ fan and I had never done one so it did seem fitting.” Burkett said. “They were a great couple and this seemed to fit the playfulness of them.”

It took the group seven tries before they got the perfect jumping, mid-air shot.

But Burkett and the Clarkes aren’t the first people to recreate this famous movie scene. In April 2013, a “Vadering” Internet meme began gaining popularity among “Star Wars” devotees, who shared photos of themselves using “The Force” to lift “victims” off the ground.

Click through the slideshow below for eight more “Star Wars” weddings and proposals.

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Zoho announces Zoho Vault, provides a hub for businesses to manage passwords

Zoho announces Zoho Vault, provides a hub for businesses to manage passwords

Zoho’s more commonly known around the interwebs for its document editing tools, but today the service is launching a product that’s a little more business-oriented than its Office suite. With the newly introduced Zoho Vault, the company’s hoping to give business owners a centralized repository where they can easily manage their passwords online — something slightly similar to what LastPass offers. Of course, security will likely be very important for potential customers, and Zoho says it’ll be able to keep a rigorous lockdown by implementing things such as Host-Proof Hosting, a measure which encrypts passwords at the browser and stores only encrypted data on the server. The Personal Edition of Zoho Vault is available now for free and can be accessed by one person, while the Enterprise Edition costs a mere $1 per month, offers an iPhone app and supports unlimited users.

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