Matthew Perry Mercilessly Spoofs Angus T. Jones’ ‘Filth’ Video

According to Matthew Perry, Angus T. Jones has done one incredible thing: proven that Charlie Sheen is not the craziest cast member ever of “Two And A Half Men”.

But Angus is also a trailblazer. After his heartfelt and selfless plea to fans to stop watching the show that has made him so much money, actor Rainn Wilson followed suit, begging fans to stop watching “The Office”. And now, Perry has gotten into the act, taking his show “Go On” to task. And absolutely none of this is in the name of publicity. Not. One. Bit.

Perry’s influence is, in fact, quite powerful. Remember when he told us not to watch “Studio 60” and we didn’t? So if you like NBC’s “Go On”, whatever you do, don’t watch Perry’s hilarious — and pretty biting — testimonial above. He’s very persuasive.

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